Cartella Portal and Collaboration Software

Intranet, Extranet, and Community Portal Software

Cartella is a portal and team collaboration software platform that delivers complete Intranet, Extranet, and Community solutions - without complex or lengthy implementations.

  • Intranet Edition: An enterprise portal for employees with unmatched collaboration and social capabilities.
  • Extranet Edition: Connect with partners and suppliers using secure authentication and personalized user experiences.
  • Community Edition: Engage with customers and enable user generated content, content marketing and social connections.

With affordable software-as-a-service and on-premise licensing options, the Cartella portal software makes collaboration easy and affordable.

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Interactive Modules

Jump start collaboration with Cartella modules. Standard modules include:

  • Team Blogs
  • Document Management
  • Forums
  • Profiles
  • Social Networking
  • Activity Feeds
  • Leader Boards and Gamification
  • Calendars
  • Video and Image Galleries
  • And many others...
Identity & Access Management

Unify website membership and access.

Cartella membership management is federated, intelligently syncing with Active Directory, LDAP,, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, and other applications. The Cartella LiveSync connector keeps identity up-to-date and creates a single key-box for managing access and rights. Cartella Profiles provides a web experience database for managing member access as well as marketing and business data.

With unified access management you can use one collaboration platform to support all of your audiences and secure membership. 

Enterprise Social

Cartella delivers an entire suite of social tools to support collaboration and community.

Commenting and moderation, voting, ratings, and other social actions can be applied to content and modules. Status updates provide micro-blogging, activity feeds deliver a river of news, friends and followers enable social networking, and leader boards deliver real-time gamification.

With Cartella you can easily manage user generated content with powerful permissions, moderation, and business rules.

Business Process Management

Cartella is a the platform for developing membership-driven applications and automating business processes.

With visual tools for creating forms and modules, built-in user, group, and role permissions, and data reporting tools, Cartella streamlines how organization collect and manage information.  Use pre-built modules for time tracking, PTO requests, document uploads, and other services; or build your own tools and reports in the Cartella application. 

Unify Information Silos

Cartella provides a secure platform for connecting information silos across your business.

With integrated file, document, and asset management, Cartella delivers a unified hub for business data. For information that lives outside of the Cartella application, Ingeniux InSite search connects to databases, applications, and websites to find and return information from within the Cartella portal.

Connectors to SharePoint, leading CRMs, and other applications deliver data integration and services across your business applications. 

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