Ingeniux Web Experience Management Products: Focus on Content Not Technology with Ingeniux SaaS

Focus on Content, Not Technology with Ingeniux SaaS

Why buy a CMS when you can subscribe? Lower your upfront costs and get a fully managed CMS with the best support in the industry.

Fully Managed CMS Platform and Sites

Ingeniux SaaS provides the security, operations, and availability that IT requires, with the convenience and performance marketing loves.

Our Expertise is Application Management

Ingeniux goes beyond traditional hosting by providing complete application management, change management, performance management, and application optimization led by a team of Ingeniux software experts.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Ingeniux provides 24/7 managed hosting services delivered on a virtual server framework. On top of this framework, we provide services for provisioning, configuring, managing, and monitoring the Ingeniux application environments.

Upgrade When You Want

You have full control of the upgrade process and schedule. Test new versions of the Ingeniux software and your published websites before accepting the upgrade and launching in production.

Turn Scaling Challenges into Opportunity

Struggling with sudden spikes in traffic? Automatically scale up when demand increases and scale down as demand resides.

The Ingeniux SaaS Guide

You need a SaaS platform with the flexibility to meet the custom requirements of your websites and applications, and with the management services and standards to keep your sites operating 24x7 and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Ingeniux is that SaaS-based CMS. Learn more now.

The Environment You Need, Customized to Your Specific Requirements

Ingeniux CMS is the first content management solution to bring together the flexibility of the cloud with the security, performance, and control that enterprises demand.

User Acceptance and Testing Environment

Every customer has a dedicated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment with your site fully configured by an Ingeniux professional.

Security and Compliance

Ingeniux provides DDoS protection and mitigation services using technologies from Arbor Networks and Radware, and through Azure DDoS. We can also meet PCI and HIPPA compliant measures as requested by the customer.

Nightly CMS and Site Backups

A 28-day retention policy achieved through a combination of weekly full back-ups and incremental daily back-ups ensures your website and content is never lost.

Failover and Discover Recovery

Ingeniux provides geographically redundant networks with failover and disaster recovery services as well as emergency fail-over service for all live customer websites in the Ingeniux Cloud shared deployment environments.

Taking advantage of their many service/support options, we are able to run a large website with minimal staff and not worry about employing specialized skill sets. They often feel like part of my team, rather than employees of a third-party vendor.
Margot W. Web & Applications Manager, SU Law

Greater Security and Performance

Microsoft Azure SaaS Options

Host your Ingeniux deployment in the Azure Public Cloud or leverage components of Azure such as Blog Storage.

Intelligent Load Balancing

Ingeniux implements sophisticated load-balancing of live websites to ensure there is no interruption of service during maintenance or when deploying code updates.

Dos Protection

Ingeniux uses the Cisco firewall with FirePOWER services for active threat protection, consolidating multiple security layers in a single platform, and providing comprehensive visibility into activity on the network.

Commerce Level PCI Options

Ingeniux supports all four levels of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) for commerce sites through integrations with key partners.

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