About Us

Ingeniux is the leading provider of agile web experience management software. We deliver two primary solutions:

Web Content Management Software
Build, manage, and scale modern websites and customer journeys. Ingeniux CMS is a .NET platform for websites, portals, communities, and structured content delivery. Available as a hosted service (Software-as-a-Service) or an on-premise application. 

Enterprise Portal Software
Connect, create, and collaborate. Ingeniux Cartella is an enterprise platform for secure portals, employee intranets, and social communities. Available as a hosted service (Software-as-a-Service) or an on-premise application. 

Ingeniux technology empowers today's leading companies and organizations to craft engaging content and share their stories with target audiences.

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What We Do 

At Ingeniux, we deliver solutions that help leading organizations manage the modern web. Here are a few things that make our solutions so unique:

We Provide the Only Truly Agile Web Experience Management Platform
Ingeniux delivers a modern platform for managing the next generation of websites, portals, and applications - with full support for headless, dynamic, and decoupled content delivery. Most platforms only support one content delivery model, locking brands and developers into a single approach for supporting digital projects. Ingeniux provides a unified platform that allows brands and organizations to deliver content in the right format for each touch point - from responsive websites, to secure portals, to web applications. 

We Are a Leading Software-as-a-Service Solution Provider
Ingeniux is a leading provider of cloud-based content management solutions. With 10-years of experience in Software-as-a-Service website and application management, a global network, and 24/7 support and service, Ingeniux provides an enterprise-class content management solution in a managed cloud environment. 

We Build Our Software on Cutting-Edge Microsoft Technology
Ingeniux software is built on the latest Microsoft technology, including ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 5.0. Ingeniux is the ideal solution for professional ASP.NET developers and agencies, providing an innovative content development model based solely on open web standards, deep integration with IDE's such as Visual Studio, and an accessible REST-based API that delivers the power of intelligent content without the overhead of traditional tightly coupled CMS applications.  

Our Team

It takes a dedicated team of gifted, enthusiastic professionals to keep our offices humming and make our customers successful. That's why we've placed emphasis on giving our employees the resources, opportunity, and challenges necessary to reach their fullest potential. And with multiple office locations and opportunities to work remote, that potential can be found anywhere.

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Over the last few years we've been collecting images from Ingeniux customers, partners, and staff from across the globe. This interactive campaign shows us the unique global community we've built over the years. Visit our Facebook Gallery to see where Ingeniux reigns!