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Digital Asset Management

Manage Your Digital Assets. Built In.

Manage your digital assets without having to go to another digital asset management tool.

Treat Digital Assets Like First-Class Citizens

Videos, images, downloadable documents and PDFs, and other media assets are a key part of the digital experience, which means you need to manage them with the same care and rigor as your web pages.

Asset Browser

View Assets as thumbnails, a file list, or in the Asset Tree. Set up views by asset type to quickly find assets to edit and use built-in filters and search features such as asset type, creation date, and metadata.

Approval Workflows

Set up review and approval workflows to manage assets like images, videos, and PDFs that often go through many changes and require multiple levels of approval before the final version is published.


Use the taxonomy feature to categorize assets. The taxonomy supports internal asset management, as well as enhanced customer experiences that improve content discoverability, personalization, and intelligent reuse.

Translate Assets

Leverage pre-built translation workflows along with a powerful tracking and notification system. Send assets stored in the DAM repository to a translation service and re-import as a rendition of the original asset.

This platform works great right out of the box or if you're looking for a more customized site, it's fully capable of meeting all of your needs. The ability to keep all page types, components, assets easily organized is a huge benefit to this CMS.
Carlos F. Web Systems Administrator, WSECU

DAM Features

The CMS "DAM" provides a complete platform for managing digital assets including versioning and renditions, custom metadata and tagging, rights management, workflow review, and publishing.

View Asset Details

Edit an asset’s metadata and properties: manage versions, change the URL, restrict publication by assigning start and end date and time, and edit both descriptive and taxonomy metadata.

Easily Edit Images

Make basic image edits in the CMS client, including resizing, rotation, and cropping, creating asset versions. The Renditions feature allows you to associate images that may have different sizes or layouts.

Edit in Assets in Context

Select an image on a web page, and it opens in the image asset page where you can make changes. Once saved, you will return to the web page with the image changes automatically applied.

Preview Inline

Quickly see image details and metadata while browsing assets. Selecting an image in the Asset Browser opens a preview of the image with basic metadata information but doesn’t allow you to make any changes.

Guide to Digital Asset Management

You can manage digital assets like videos, images, and PDFs with the same care and rigor as text-based web content.  Learn best practices for digital asset management and the Ingeniux approach in this solution guide.

Leverage Built-in DAM Capabilities

Powerful and easy to use, Ingeniux enables site managers to scale the use of media and documents across their sites while ensuring compliance, brand standards and guidelines, and site performance.

Multi-file Upload

Upload multiple digital assets at once. You can drag files onto a drop view in the CMS client, or browse for assets to upload.

Manage Code as an Asset

Version and edit code for your website. Edit HTML, CSS, .NET, and other formats in the CMS application, and integrate code management with GIT and other platforms for continuous development.

Store Assets in the Cloud

Store your assets within the Ingeniux platform using NAS or SAN, or store them in a remote cloud location, including YouTube or Vimeo, allowing you to manage the asset as a native content item.

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