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What is a Hybrid CMS

Ingeniux Web Experience Management Products: What is a Hybrid CMS

A hybrid CMS is a content management system that supports more than one type of content delivery model. It provides full back-end content management capabilities and both a decoupled and a headless content delivery tier. With a hybrid CMS, your organization can create and manage all your content in one place and deliver it to different channels - the website, a native mobile application, a business application, or somewhere else. It gives you flexibility in how you deliver content (dynamic, headless, or static HTML) while keeping the management of that content under one roof. Let’s look at how the key elements of Ingeniux's hybrid cms architecture.

Native JSON Document Store

Ingeniux CMS uses the RavenDB NoSQL database, a native .NET NoSQL database. Content stored in Ingeniux CMS is schema-free. All content is either stored natively as JSON and XML or is wrapped with intelligent metadata as in the case of binary objects such as documents or media. Files are versioned and managed through a file-locking system that checks pages out for editing. Any changes to the content model are automatically available within the CMS repository.

All content in the repository is indexed and cached in memory, enabling information to be quickly processed and delivered without any performance impact, database IO, or SQL injection risk. The repository supports millions of topics and documents. Easy clustering allows the repository to scale out without DB administration or development costs. The Ingeniux RavenDB content store leverages Apache Lucene, which is the backbone of the Ingeniux search architecture.

Content API for Accessing the Content Repository

Ingeniux has a full content API available in REST and native .NET that provides content natively as XML or JSON. The API can return raw content based on different requests and parameters, including by content item, audience, topic, or by language or locale.

There are several key features of the Content API. It's:

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Combines many internal actions into a single method for easier integration.

Ingeniux also supports applying partial templates to content requests via the API. Pre-formatting content blocks works with delivering promotions or branded content elements and can be used and assembled by a front-end web or mobile framework.

Beyond the Content API, Ingeniux offers a CMS API for interacting with the content management platform and automating key tasks and services. Ingeniux has a powerful automated task system as well as pre-built connectors to databases and web services so you can integrate and schedule data polling and deployment for database, catalog, and other structured data.

Dynamic Site Server

Ingeniux CMS has excellent support for outputting content to multiple formats and replicating content to multiple locations. The CMS supports "early binding" static HTML and other file types, as well as "late binding" dynamic deployment using the Ingeniux ASP.NET Dynamic Site Server.

The Dynamic Site Server is an ASP.NET application for delivering content and applying business rules for personalization, device and channel optimization, and search indexing. Using the DSS, you can deploy content to different publishing targets, including websites or development environments. You can also deploy different versions of a content asset to different publishing targets.

Ingeniux can also deploy content using third-party server technologies, including Java Server Pages, PHP, or Adobe Cold Fusion. In these cases, the web server handles content delivery, and the targeted server programming technology performs any dynamic content processing.

Support for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

The Ingeniux CMS supports true federation; including media servers (such as YouTube or Vimeo) and CDNs for rich media storage, and file-level storage in NAS and SAN systems. Assets stored this way are linked in Ingeniux CMS providing the ability to manage the asset as a native content item while keeping it in another cloud or application.

Ingeniux integrates with all leading CDNs including Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, Microsoft Azure CDN, and Limelight.

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