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Web Governance

Web Governance. Out of the Box.

Make governance a key component of your digital content management program.

Define Your Web Governance Strategy

As you grow to support larger websites, more customer touchpoints, and a higher volume and velocity of content development, it's important to put in place processes to make sure your content meets your brand, quality, and accessibility requirements.

Quality Assurance

Ensure your website remains free of errors, and your visitor experience isn't hampered by broken links and unreadable text.


Ensure screen readers and people with disabilities can read or navigate your web experiences by complying with accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 and Section 508.


Improve your website’s standings in external search engines, like Google, and improve on-site searching using metadata and tagging, XML sitemaps, and SEO-friendly URLs.


Put the policies and tactics in place to ensure your website functions 24/7, alerting your IT team of issues like slow page or image loads, as soon as they arise.

The Ingeniux Guide to Web Governance

Without a web governance program, you risk lowering the quality of your content, decreasing usability, and sacrificing brand standards as your web experiences grows. We created this guide on web governance for you to use as a framework for your company's web governance.

Web Governance Features

A web governance program requires a number of tools to manage your content and maintain consistent standards and user experience.

Compliant Content Formatting

Ensure content meets brand requirements for your website. Use Page Types to define structure and layouts, Page Builder to create new layouts or modify existing layouts using approved content blocks, and leverage Smart Paste to clean content as it’s imported into the CMS.

Content Maintenance

Publish your content at the right time and automatically remove stale content using Publish and Perish Dates. Define one or more workflow rules to review and approve your content and use the native spellchecker to ensure your content is written properly.


Ingeniux CMS includes the AChecker Accessibility Checker, validating content for accessibility against Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 and integrates with the Siteimprove web governance suite for quality assurance, accessibility, SEO, web standards, and internal policy adherence.

Link Management

Eliminate 99% of the issues that arise due to broken or incorrect links using auto redirects when you move content, vanity URLs for search engines, and broken links and asset checkers that run automatically and report on broken links or missing assets so you can resolve them.

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