Ingeniux Web Experience Management Products: Membership and Profiles
Membership and Profiles

Manage your Membership

Ingeniux provides robust membership and profile capabilities.

Governance is Key

Ingeniux provides a complete governance model, including security and permissions for users, groups, and content assets.

User Profiles

User profiles are stored in the DXP and connected to their profile in the CRM or ERP. This means the profile in the portal is a combination of CRM profile information and customer profile elements in the portal.

Manage Profiles

Users can update certain parts of their profile as identified by the company, including CRM profile information. Changes to core CRM profile information sync with the backend systems in real-time.

User & Group Permissions

Users can belong to one or more groups, corresponding to accounts from a CRM or other IDP system. Manage access to content and content administration features, and access to integrated systems using single sign-on.

Content Level Permissions

Apply access rights to any content item in the CMS application: full access, read-only, or hidden. External access rights can be applied to content that requires log-in or authentication on the live website to view gated information.

Solution Guide: Digital Experience Portal

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Profile and Membership Features

User Provisioning & Delegation

Provision users in four ways: bulk uploading, time-based synchronization with core system account data, just-in-time, and local registration. Ongoing user provisioning can be completed by the organization's account managers, who can manually set up and manage accounts for each customer's company.

Single Sign On

Use SAML 2.0 and any number of Identity Providers (IDP) – such as Okta, Ping, Salesforce, or Azure AD for single-sign-on. When using external IDPs, Ingeniux delegates credential management to the external system.

Ingeniux as the IDP

Ingeniux can also act as an IDP and provide SAML SSO services to other systems and applications. In this case, acting as IDP, Ingeniux manages the user credential and account management features.

Cascading Authentication

Cascading Authentication enables organizations to utilize multiple identity providers to manage access and group-level security in the CMS.

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