10 Reasons to Choose Ingeniux CMS


Architecture Matters

The Web has changed. Your CMS neeeds to change too.

The future of digital content is Agile. You need to support more sites and channels, connect more apps and data, and deliver better experiences.

Ingeniux CMS is the uniquely agile content platform. Our truely “decoupled” architecture and hybrid content delivery provide unsurpassed flexibility. You choose where content is delivered and the format it's delivered in.

With Ingeniux you get better performance, security, and flexibility.


Smarter Content

Think about the difference between a word processor and a spreadsheet. When using a word processor, you can easily create narrative content and write naturally. With a spread sheet you can sort, filter, and query data. 

Ingeniux CMS is like a word processor that works like a spreadsheet. It combines easy content creation and editing with an intelligent content model for structuring and storing your content. Ingeniux CMS can query content, reuse it, index it, and deliver it across multiples sites and channels. 

That's the magic of Ingeniux CMS. 



With Ingeniux you have the freedom to design and build pixel perfect digital experiences on any channel.

We don't lock you in with proprietary modules, layouts and mark-up. We believe in design freedom. Once your design is ready, take advantage of our templating and responsive PageBuilder to deliver consistent web experiences that evolve with your needs.

If you don't want to manage layouts or your front-end code in the CMS, no problem.  Our headless API weaves content into your websites and apps while still providing easy in-context editing for marketing.

Support for client-side frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, Vue.js and React give you the ability to create highly customized, interactive web experiences with the latest technolgies.


Built for the Cloud

Ingeniux CMS is designed expressly for the Cloud. You can host your Ingeniux web experience with:

  • The Ingeniux Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and AWS provide open and flexible IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platforms for hosting of websites and web applications, and you can run the Ingeniux CMS in these public cloud environments.

With Ingeniux SaaS the CMS application and your websites are hosted in the Ingeniux Cloud using virtual servers. The Ingeniux Cloud is the first content management solution to bring together the flexibility and availability of the public cloud with the security, performance, and control the enterprise demands. 

Ingeniux SaaS is backed 24/7 with the best support in the industry.


Ease of Use

Ease of use is a key factor in CMS success. Ingeniux CMS is easier to use, more intuitive, and more productive than other CMS software.

Ingeniux includes:

  • A modern web client: Ingeniux delivers the convenience of a browser-based client with power of a true productivity app.
  • In-Context Editing: Page edits in the CMS match the your website design and provide a true high-fidelity preview. 
  • PageBuilder: Empower web managers to create or modify page layouts without coding or development. 
  • Role-based Views: From a simple contributor view to an unlimited administrator view, Ingeniux delivers a tailored user experience that empowers users to do their jobs with ease.


Ingeniux CMS provides a suite of features designed to simplify the management of even the most complex multilingual websites.

Features include pre-built translation workflows, a powerful tracking and notification system, localized client software in a wide range of languages, and a robust “locale” system for defining languages and regions.

Ingeniux makes it easy to create a unique set of content for multiple language views. By intelligently “cloning” web pages, you can publish a website for each language while maintaining connections between pages for editing and reporting.


Modern, Open Development Platform

To support all your web and customer experience needs, Ingeniux CMS provides a modern, open development platform that enables you to:

  • Build sites and apps faster
  • Integrate using RESTful APIs that pull content from third-party applications.
  • Leverage Open Standards to increase interoperability with other applications. 
  • Access concise product documentation knowledgebase, HowTo articles, video tutorials and more.
  • Set up continuous deployment and DevOPs. Ingeniux integrates with any tooling system and provides full support for GIT and other popular source control systems. 

A Secure Portal Solution

Build your next portal, extranet, or Intranet with Ingeniux CMS. Ingeniux offers a content-driven portal experience that combines content management, application integration, collaboration and robust security.

Ingeniux delivers:

  • A member-driven experience: Ingeniux manages member profiles like a full CDP. You can personalize content and experience based on membership rules and subscriptions.
  • True SSO: Ingeniux supports SAML 2.0 and IDP's such as ADFS, Azure AD, Ping, Okta, and many others.
  • Untap the power of your community: Ingeniux provides forums, blogs, commenting, groups, and enterprise social following and feedback to power community everywhere from your customer portals to your digital workplace. 
  • You customer experience hub: Ingeniux connects with leading CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as LMS, ERP, training SIS, and other core applications.

Best Support in the Industry

We've got your back.

Unlimited phone, email and web support, 24x7 SaaS, a vibrant community and support portal, Ingeniux is dedicated to your success.

Our team is skilled not only in the CMS software, but also your implementation. We use onsite developer-level technicians that will keep you up-and-running. Ingeniux offers the best SLA in the industry, with a one-hour path to resolution for any critical issue.

Need more than product support? Ingeniux 360 provides on-call developer services for projects large and small. Annual website optimization and accessability audits ensure your CMS implementation is performing at peak level. Ingeniux is the only leading CMS software vendor to offer a comprehensive developer support program.


The Value Leader in Digital Experience

Ingeniux is the value leader in web and digital content management. According to reviews on G2Crowd, 31% of companies see a return on investment (ROI) with Ingeniux CMS within six months or less.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver value:   

  • Our SaaS fees and license costs are among the lowest in the industry.
  • We support multiple sites, intranets, portals, apps, and other project with a single instance of the CMS. 
  • Our unique decoupled architecture reduces your infrastrtucture costs. 
  • A native PaaS deployment with built-in auto-scaling enables you only to use the resources required at any given time.
  • No need for database administration - Ingeniux uses an embedded NoSQL database and has zero database requirements for content delivery.
  • True ROI comes from productivity. Build it, edit it, publish it, and and manage it faster with Ingeniux. 

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