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Develop modern websites and portals and power your web and mobile applications, all with a single CMS platform and API.

Decoupled by Design

The Ingeniux CMS is built on a decoupled architecture, separating front-end development from backend administration and design, enabling your development to work the way it needs to.


Ingeniux software is built on the latest Microsoft technology: ASP.NET 4.5/4.6 and the MVC 5 template framework providing an innovative content development model based solely on open web standards and REST-based APIs.

RWD Freedom

Built responsive websites and applications using the framework of your choice. Ingeniux natively supports Bootstrap 3.x and Foundation 5.x. A plug-in system supports additional responsive frameworks.

Headless API

The CMS includes a RESTful API that provides content services to other websites and applications. This content is typically statically delivered (read-only) and consumed by the receiving website or web application.

100% JSON + NoSQL

Ingeniux CMS uses the RavenDB NoSQL database, a native .NET NoSQL database to store content natively as JSON or XML. No need to deal with relational databases and complex data management.

Full Visual Studio Integration

Ingeniux websites are available as a standard ASP.NET project in Visual Studio. Ingeniux content and information are available as a Web Service directly within Visual Studio.

Developer-friendly tools and capabilities that work the way you do

Developer Documentation

Ingeniux provides a complete documentation portal with everything you need to use Ingeniux CMS, including content for troubleshooting, how-to, and known issues.

Ingeniux Developer Reference >

API Reference

Full reference documentation for the APIs you get with Ingeniux CMS, including the CMS API, the Dynamic Site Server (DSS) API, and the Content API.

Ingeniux API Documentation >

GitHub Respository

Ingeniux implementation projects integrate natively with GitHub to manage ASP and MVC code and provides automated deployment through continuous integration.

GitHub >

NuGet Pack

Use the NuGet Package Manager UI in Visual Studio on Windows to easily install, uninstall, and update Ingeniux NuGet packages in projects and solutions

Ingeniux on NuGet >

Guide to ASP.NET Web CMS Platforms

Not all CMS' are created equal. Learn how to evaluate the differences between platforms, including the content repository, the API, the content model, and supported frameworks.

Development and Operations Tools. Professional Training.

Schema Designer

Model content in XML schemas using the Ingeniux Schema Designer, maximizing content reuse by structuring content, separating content from presentation, support for metadata, and component-based content chunking.

Developer Training Program

Ingeniux provides an extensive developer training program including lecture-style presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. Available on-site and online.

Site Migration

Package and import site content while preserving hierarchical page relationships, presentations, schemas, and taxonomy information. Migrate from one site to another, or from staging to production.

Content Import Utility

Migrate content from an existing website and CMS to the Ingeniux CMS by querying content from the database, importing a structured feed like XML, or parsing strings in HTML.

What Our Customers Say

Ingeniux has a very friendly UI that works well for our content contributors. Using the MVC framework from Microsoft also gives it a very flexible framework to work around that can be shaped to your needs. Development to work with the CMS is straightforward and not full of confusing CMS specific workarounds.

Zach R

Web Developer
Boyne Resorts

On the developer side, I love the flexibility of the system. With a little know-how, it's very easy to take projects in-house, and the sky's the limit in terms of possibilities. I have also been very happy with their customer service and support. They have a great support department and are always available to address issues that come up for us.

Margot W

Web Developer
Seattle University, School of Law

Ingeniux provides a full-featured CMS with a modern user experience. These features will satisfy content/marketing specialists as well as back-end developers. It provides the power of ASP.NET MVC on the backend and the flexibility to use modern JavaScript frameworks that also unlock incredibly flexible tools for authors working in the system.

James S

Director of Web Initiatives
Knox College

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