Not Just Another 'Intranet in a Box'

Ingeniux goes beyond the standard Intranet capabilities to integrate with key productivity suites and other business systems to enable a true digital workplace for all employees.

Make your Intranet the Hub of the Digital Workplace

Meet the needs of the digital workplace with a modern intranet that supports communication, collaboration and productivity.

Full-Featured Content Management

Ingeniux provides a full features content management solution for the Intranet, including taxonomy and tagging, content versioning, workflow and approvals, publishing and digital asset management.

Monitor and Improve Use

Leverage analytics to help you find your employee advocates, promote active use of the Intranet, and improve the information available.

Provide Easy, Seamless Access

Provide seamless access to time reporting and other HR applications, learning management systems and other key business applications.

Stay Up to Date with What's Happening

Ensure employees always know what's happening based on their areas of interest and their roles within the organization.

The Intranet Buyer's Guide

The Intranet Buyer's Guide

The key to a successful Intranet is finding the single platform that's best for your organization. Gain a better understanding of intranet technology and a critical perspective on the market. Avoid the typical buying mistakes and take comfort knowing that you've invested wisely.

Intranet Features

Enable communication and collaboration across teams and departments and promote awareness of what's happening across the company, resulting in better informed and engaged employees.

Employee Directory

Allow users to create and manage a personal profile page where they share contact information, professional experiences, and areas of expertise and interest.

Office 365 & Google Apps Integration

Integrate Office 365 or Google Apps, including the ability to link to and collaborate on documents and notify groups or teams of new documents through activity feeds.

Activity Feeds & Notifications

Set up notifications to alert employees of updates and allow employees to actively follow topics of interest or work areas.

Collaboration and Social

Set up interest groups, blogs, forums, activity feeds and other collaborative features. You select which features you want to enable.

Say Goodbye to Standalone Intranet Solutions

Many Intranets provide basic capabilities that can be deployed out of the box but don't enable you to integrate with productivity solutions and other key business systems. With the Ingeniux Intranet, you get it all.


Ensure users have access only to the information they can access, through user or group permissions, including content on Intranet pages and search results.

Mobile Access

Ingeniux supports both responsive and adaptive delivery of content. It natively supports the Bootstrap 3.x and Foundation 5.x responsive frameworks.


Integrate InSite Search for faceted and guided search, integrate taxonomy, stemming, keywords and results weighting, and security and content filtering based on access rights.

Integrate Key Applications

Provide seamless access to time reporting and other HR applications, learning management systems and other key business applications using open APIs.

Intranet Technology

The Intranet is available as a fully deployed and managed Intranet within the Ingeniux Cloud, giving your employees access whenever and wherever they want in, but securely.

Single Sign On

Enable single sign on through support for Active Directory and LDAP, among other identity providers

Permissions & Access

Assign users to roles and permissions to users, groups, content assets, and Intranet capabilities.

Visual Page Builder

Quickly and easily design and publish Intranet web pages using Page Builder, a visual page and template designer.

Visual Studio Integration

Develop Intranet templates using Visual Studio, and access Ingeniux content and information through a Web Service directly within Visual Studio.

Resources to Help You Build Powerful Portals

Learn how you can use Ingeniux to build your next portal or community.

Ingeniux CXP Platform Overview
Product Information

Ingeniux CXP Platform Overview

Your customers deserve a seamless, unified customer experience.

Solution Guide: Intranet and Employee Portal
Solution Guide

Solution Guide: Intranet and Employee Portal

How to build and manage a successful productivity hub. 

6 Steps to a Unified Customer Portal
White Paper

6 Steps to a Unified Customer Portal

Connect service and support apps with a unified customer experience. Here's how.  

Solution Guide: Customer Portals
Solution Guide

Solution Guide: Customer Portals

Everything you need to know to maintain a successful customer portal. 

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