Ingeniux Web Experience Management Products: Host Your CMS in the Public Cloud

Host Your CMS in the Public Cloud

Take advantage of cloud services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to deliver Ingeniux CMS and your experiences.

All the Features of Ingeniux CMS Combined with the Advantages of the Public Cloud

Organizations are increasingly moving their web and portal experiences to the cloud to take advantage of cheaper storage, higher availability, and increased scalability. Ingeniux supports both Azure and AWS, so you can choose the public cloud you want to use.

Flexible IaaS

An open and flexible IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform for hosting of websites and web applications.

Global and Local Together

Global companies that require a local web presence in particular countries or regions benefit from having their sites hosted on servers in those regions.

Improved Auto-Scaling

Automatically scale your environment to support spikes in traffic, expected or unexpected, always paying for only the resources you need.

Leverage File Services

AS3 and Azure File Services are cost-effective ways to store content in the cloud for all your cloud-based or hybrid applications.

The Ingeniux SaaS Guide

You need a SaaS platform with the flexibility to meet the custom requirements of your websites and applications, and with the management services and standards to keep your sites operating 24x7 and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Ingeniux is that SaaS-based CMS. Learn more now.

Azure and AWS Public Cloud Features

Built-in Blob Storage

Store your assets in Azure or AWS’s blob storage and access this storage using an API from the Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server (DSS) to deliver on your digital channels.

Support for Digital Assets

Ingeniux CMS DAM enables you to store your digital assets in Azure and AWS, having them appear as virtual assets in the CMS.

Application Services

Built-in DevOps support the ability to deploy assets to the Azure environment using Applications Services.

Application Insights

Integrate Application Insights to monitor the performance of your cloud environment within the Ingeniux Administration environment.

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