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Mobile Experiences

Your Customers are on Mobile. Are You?

Building a mobile-first experience is not a nice to have, it’s a requirement.

Mobile Always

Mobile-first means more than designing for phones. It means rethinking your content model, design, and strategy to work with all devices.

Responsive Web Experiences

Deliver one set of content with one design to a website whether it's viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone - the predominant approach to mobile-enabling your web experience.

Adaptive Web Experiences

Create a set of designs, each one supporting a different device, or set of devices. The CMS detects the device used and creates a unique visual experience for that device size.

Headless Content Delivery

Develop native mobile applications using the tools of your choice and use Ingeniux CMS to manage all your content requirements.

Optimize Digital Assets for Mobile

Manage images in the CMS client, leveraging the Renditions feature which allows you to associate images that may have different sizes or layouts for mobile.

Mobile Customer Experiences

Building Better Mobile Experiences

There are two core strategies for mobile experience design: Adaptive and Responsive. Which is right for your web experience? And how can you deliver a consistently compelling web experience across every device? Find out in our Mobile Customer Experience white paper. Download your copy today!

Mobile Experience Features

Visual Page Builder

Use Page Builder to easily create responsive designs, supporting Bootstrap 3.x and Foundation 5.x out of the box. A plug-in system supports additional responsive frameworks.

Dynamic Site Server & Mobile

The Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server is a device aware-application that detects the user agent and device for each content request. Ingeniux CMS can target and render content based on device types and capabilities.

Mobile Preview

Ingeniux CMS preview supports desktop, tablet, and smartphone content emulation and preview. The software is pre-loaded with standard device previews. You can load additional previews from the Device Library.

Device Library

Ingeniux packages a device profile library of over 25,000 mobile devices that is automatically updated weekly with new specifications. Use the library for loading emulations and real-time device and capabilities detection for intelligent content display.

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