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Our professional services will help you to launch quickly and successfully.

Implementation Approach, the Choice is Yours

Whether you're starting with just an idea or if you've already crafted a new design and your team's ready to go, we'll support your entire journey.

Ingeniux-led Implementation

Ingeniux Pro Services will deliver your project from idea to interaction. We provide turnkey implementation services directly. With Ingeniux you get a partner that can design, define, develop, and deploy your project and support it forever. Our team has unsurpassed knowledge of the CMS platform and provides 100% accountability for your success.

Co-Develop With Ingeniux

If you want your team to take the lead we're happy to follow. Ingeniux Pro Services can augment your team with our business analysts, developers, and project management. We usually start co-development with an onsite workshop, stand up your framework, and provide ongoing support and code review until you're ready to launch.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you have a strong development team with plenty of experience building the types of web experiences you want to offer customers and you’re confident you can take on the implementation project internally – we think that’s great! We’ll support your team by providing training to give them the tools they need to work with Ingeniux CMS.

Work With a Partner

Ingeniux works with leading creative design agencies and system integrators. In the content management industry reputation is everything. We partner with only the best agencies and back our partners with ongoing training and support. Our partners understand Ingeniux CMS inside out. If you are looking for digital talent, we recommend checking out our certified partner network.

With years of experience, we’ve nailed down the essential services for success.

Design, information architecture, technology, and content strategy shift like the weather, but a proven methodology never changes.


Discovery is all about figuring out what you want. It's a high-level view of your expectations and how you see your website. How will you engage with customers, what features and functions do you expect to see? These are the high-level requirements that will guide the design.


Once you have a clear understanding of your web, brand, and marketing strategy, it's time to think about the design of your website. But good design doesn't start with visual appearance, it starts with a content strategy and information architecture.


Once you have all the requirements defined and the design planned, then you can create the plans that explain how to implement the CMS. You define the content model, the search strategy, the content re-use strategy, the graphical design, and so on. This is your technical specification.


The development phase is the implementation of the CMS and the development of the templates, visual design (markup layer), administration components, and everything else that's outlined in your technical design.

Integration & Testing

Ingeniux can help you integrate any third-party applications or datasets, as well as assist with unit and quality assurance testing to ensure what you have developed works as expected.

Content Migration Services

We can help you migrate the content you want from your old CMS and make sure everything is working as expected. Ingeniux offers an automated migration tool, provides migration services, and can automatically set up your redirects to keep your inbound on target.

Implementation Guide for Ingeniux CMS

Implementing a new site and CMS is never a simple, but a proven team and methodology make its much easier. Ingeniux has developed a straightforward method to impliment even the most complex projects on the Ingeniux Agile Content Platform. Read the guide to learn about our 5 D's.

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