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InSite Search

Stop Searching.
Start Finding.

With Ingeniux InSite Search you get a suite of AI-powered search applications to make content easier to find, recommend, promote, and deliver.

More Than Website Search

InSite Search combines website search with enterprise search capabilities. With our federated search tools, you can find content on your site, multiple sites, databases, or applications. With InSite you can connect people with content regardless of where it lives.

Lightning Fast

Based on Lucene, InSite can scale to hundreds of millions of records. It does all the heavy lifting and calculations during the indexing process in the background, so query performance is near-instant.

Secure by Audience

Restrict access to content and filter search results down to the item, or even elements within an item, based on user access rights. You can hide results or provide secure paywalls.

Federated Architecture

Combine websites, Salesforce or Dynamics CRM, file shares, Active Directory, and third-party APIs into a single index so your customers and employees can find anything with a single query.


Index multiple languages and enable visitors to search by languages, including English, Spanish, French Canadian, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese, and many others.

This CMS is powerful and widely cusomizable. From being able to make a schema for almost anything, there's enough flexibility to make a powerful website with rich content, all while being easy enough for our employees to use.
Michael S. Web Systems Coordinator, Boyne Resorts

InSite Search Features

Ingeniux uses InSite for both back-end content management search and customer-facing search applications, so you only have one search engine to support.

Faceted Search

Integrate Ingeniux taxonomy to create more relevant search indexes and clusters of information, including browse-by topic navigation, faceted and guided search, related content, and audience.

Control Search Rankings

Prioritize and control search result rankings using Auto-suggest and wildcard matching, stemming, similes, weighting, and keyword matching.

Beyond the Search Box

Create recommended content widgets on web pages, support search-based navigation, search by location using proximity search, and search product catalogs for commerce integration.

Custom Search Results UI

You have complete style and branding control over the search experience through CSS and HTML customizations.

Solution Guide to Enterprise Search

A seamless search experience across the entire enterprise - website, collaboration platforms, secure portals - transforms the way users interact with your brand and increases conversion rates. Learn more about how you can achieve this seamless enterprise search experience in our Guide to Enterprise Search.

Powered by Lucene

Unlike other search applications that run disconnected from the content platform, InSite is deeply embedded in the Ingeniux CMS, delivering superior results faster, lower cost of implementation, and easier upgrades.

Ingeniux by Design

Built on the open source Apache Lucene.NET search engine framework, InSite integrates with an Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server (DSS) site, indexing the XML structure of all text-based content from published sites.

Standalone or Integrated

You can install InSite as a component of the Ingeniux DSS for small and medium-sized websites, or as a separate standalone service for larger websites.

Index Digital Assets

Index PDFs and Word documents as part of the Ingeniux CMS publishing model. Include media metadata in indexes to expand search results to digital assets stored within the CMS.

Standard and Custom Configuration

Standard configuration supplies a basic search results page schema and view. Custom configuration can include how the index is built and queried, adding search facets, and working with key matches.

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