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Web Content Management

Great Content is
Rocket Fuel for Your Brand

With an intelligent content creation and governance process you can deliver digital experiences that wow your users and advance your strategy.

Your Content Is Mission Critical

Ingeniux CMS offers better usability and more control for organizations needing to empower business users to update the web.

Smarter Content

An intelligent, structured content model enables users to create content to use anywhere – the website, a customer-facing business application, social networks, a mobile device – create once, publish anywhere.

Powerful Taxonomy

A powerful tagging and classification system for applying topical categories to content. Define topics, and chunk content either in elements (structure within a page) or components (XML fragments assembled to create a dynamic page).

Global Experience

Manage unique web experiences and content for each language or region, easily re-use content and media across sites and regions, or create a unique set of content for each language or locale.

Multi-Site Support

From complex websites to intranets, extranets, staging and test sites, country sites, and other locations, Ingeniux is designed to manage them all by controlling content reuse, staging, security, and delivery.

Ingeniux provides a full-featured CMS with a modern user experience. The software will satisfy content/marketing specialists as well as back-end developers. 
James S. Director of Web Initiatives, Knox College

Web Content Management Features

Ingeniux CMS provides the tools you need to create, manage, and deliver great content across all your channels.

In-Context Editing

Designed for non-technical users, create and edit content using in-context editing or forms-based editing. A preview system allows you to view content on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Visual Page Builder

Create or modify page layouts without coding or development. Templates are managed in a grid-based responsive layout. Drag-and-drop widgets onto templates and manage presentations for multiple channels.

Approval Workflows

A fully integrated content workflow system lets you design workflows using a Visio-like visual workflow designer, automating CMS tasks like check-in, review, approve, schedule, archive, and publish.

Role-based Views

From a simple contributor view with a limited set of features and basic formatting objects to an unlimited administrator view with full management and reporting capabilities, empower users to do their jobs without undue complexity.

Web CMS Buyers Guide eBook

Web CMS Buyer's Guide

Your web content management system is the foundation of your digital experience platform. It's not something you buy every day and it's not a decision you can afford to make lightly. This Web CMS Buyers Guide is a framework to help you evaluate and purchase a new web content management system.

In the Cloud or On Premise, Ingeniux CMS Supports Your Needs

Ingeniux CMS provides a highly scalable, cost-effective platform for managing and delivering content in any cloud or secure network.

Web Client

Access and manage Ingeniux CMS over the web using a cross-browser web client. Nothing to install. All you need is Internet access and the proper CMS permissions.

CMS Application

The Content Management Server provides content creation, editing, workflow approvals, and publishing capabilities and features a robust security and permissions system, advanced authoring, and complete lifecycle management.

Dynamic Site Server

The DSS is an ASP.NET application for delivering content and applying business rules for personalization, device and channel optimization, and search indexing. It supports "early binding" static HTML and other file types, as well as "late binding" dynamic deployment.

Content API

Ingeniux has a full content API available in REST, .NET, and SOAP that provides content natively as XML or JSON. It intelligently syncs with web servers and other locations, ensuring websites stay up-to-date.

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