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Turn Your System of Record into a Platform of Engagement

Ingeniux's intelligent bi-directional sync binds your portal and web experience with your customer data.

With the API level integration between Ingeniux and Salesforce, you can read or write to any object, including leads, contacts, accounts, cases, and custom objects.


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Key Features

Synchronize Profiles & Data

Connect website visitor profiles to customer profiles stored in, enhancing your CMS profiles with detailed customer profile information. Automatically synchronize data between the Salesforce and CMS profile, ensuring you always use the most recent customer information in your CMS.

Elevate Knowledge

Connect to Salesforce Knowledge via the API. Include the knowledge base in searches using Ingeniux InSite Search or provide links to knowledgebase articles in content recommendation widgets and display the widgets within the Support Portal's UI.

Personalized Web Experiences

Sync information from Salesforce to the Ingeniux Membership Provider and User Profiles. The CMS uses the User Profile to provide a dynamic experience either explicitly based on the user profile or implicitly based on click-stream behavior and other dimensions.

Map Custom Objects

The Ingeniux platform supports integrating any standard or custom Salesforce object into your Ingeniux Customer Support Portal, including common types such as Leads, Opportunities, Contracts, Invoices, or custom objects for your specific business processes.

Manage Leads

Create lead forms within your CMS for content downloads, trial registrations, or newsletter sign-ups and send the form data to Salesforce where Sales manage the lead. Ingeniux supports the standard Web2Lead interface for as well as custom lead creation integration using the API. It also supports progressive profiling.

Progressive Profiling

Syncing the Salesforce customer profile with the Ingeniux customer profile enables progressive profiling on lead forms – auto-completing some fields in the lead form using known profile information.

Connect Service & Ticketing

Connect Salesforce ticketing to retrieve service and support case records and display that information in an Ingeniux customer support portal. As customers view and update recent tickets, add attachments, create new tickets, and access other Salesforce-based support services, the information is automatically sent to Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Guide

Salesforce stores a wealth of information about customers and prospects you can leverage to personalize their experience when visiting your website. Learn all the ways you can integrate Ingeniux CMS and Salesforce to enhance customer experiences in the Integration Guide to Salesforce.

The Ingeniux Platform

Web Content

Manage innovative websites and digital experiences, using a full set of content creation and management capabilities, visual Page Builder and intelligent in-context editing.

Digital Asset Management

Leverage built-in asset management capabilities like versioning and renditions, metadata and tagging, rights management and workflow review and publishing.

Web and Enterprise Search

An embedded native search-based architecture with a rich set of search functions provides faster implementation, lower costs and easier upgrades.

Digital Marketing

Integrate with marketing automation (Marketo, HubSpot), CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics) and analytics (Google, Adobe) tools to create personalized experiences and landing pages.

Web Governance

Manage the entire lifecycle of your content from start to finish with tools for customizable workflows, link management, accessibility, formatting and more.


Simplify the management of even the most complex multilingual website. Includes support for locales and regions, as well as unique content for multiple language views.

SaaS and Cloud

Host your website and content in the Ingeniux Cloud, with a fully managed SaaS and industry-best service level agreements or on Azure or Amazon Web Services.


Deliver your content to any channel or device, including mobile app, portal or business application using a secure cross-platform REST-based content API.

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