The Ingeniux Technical Content Platform

Craft digital experiences that elevate customer success and return true content ROI.

Create, Curate, Orchestrate DITA and Tech Docs.

Create or import DITA and other formats, apply meta data for content intelligence, and easily deploy content to any channel. 

Unified Content Hub

Ingeniux is your unified hub for managing all of your content, from technical documentation to digital assets and media, to marketing.  

Dynamic Delivery

Ingeniux provides personalized and dynamic content delivery for technical content. Tailor your experience to fit each visitor and venue. 

Content API

Deliver In-App content without changing your application build process. Ingeniux delivers content with a REST API that fits your development model. 

Any CCMS or Source

Ingeniux integrates with all leading CCMS and imports HTML, Word, and Markdown. Add Ingeniux to your content pipeline to turn on digital content delivery. 

Edit DITA and XML

Ingeniux has inline XML editing and supports the Oxygen Web Author. You can edit docs, topic maps, and metadata right from the CMS Web Client. 

Search and Discover

Help your customers find the info they need. Ingeniux InSite Search creates topic-driven, boolean, and faceted experiences to guide customers to success.

Solution Guide: Technical Content Publishing

Solution Guide: Technical Content Publishing

It's time to modernize your technical publishing. Deliver DITA and other formats into websites, apps and portals with Ingeniux CMS.

The Ingeniux Agile Experience Platform 

Built your perfect customer experience with Ingeniux

Portal and Hubs

Build customer portals and hubs with the Ingeniux Digital Portal Platform. Deliver customer self-service, case management, and connect your apps to deliver a unified customer experience.

Digital Portals >


Leverage built-in asset management capabilities like versioning and renditions, metadata and tagging, rights management, workflow review, and publishing.

Digital Asset Management >


Simplify the management of even the most complex multilingual website. Includes support for locales and regions, as well as unique content for multiple language views.

Multilingual Content >

Web Governance

Manage the entire lifecycle of your content from start to finish with tools for workflows, link management, accessibility, formatting, and more.

Web Governance >

Development Platform

Build your experience with the latest technology. The Ingeniux developer program delivers open solutions to power your sites and apps.

Developer Center >

SaaS and Cloud

Host your website and content in the Ingeniux Cloud, with a fully managed SaaS and industry-best service level agreements, or on Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Ingeniux SaaS >

Employees are so excited they will be able to access our product documentation on a centralized site with a robust search and filter capability along with other features for providing feedback, commenting, and subscribing.
Anna O. Technical Documentation Specialist, Co-Op Financial Services

Resources for Tech Docs

Learn how you can leverage the Ingeniux platform for your technical content strategy.

4 Approaches to Technical Content Delivery
White Paper

4 Approaches to Technical Content Delivery

Make your technical content more relevant, discoverable, and dynamic. 

Solution Guide: Technical Content Publishing
Solution Guide

Solution Guide: Technical Content Publishing

It's time for an agile approach to how we digitally enable, manage, and delivery our technical content.

Intelligent Content Management: A Primer
White Paper

Intelligent Content Management: A Primer

Create content once and reuse across the entire enterprise with an effective intelligent content strategy. Find out how in this primer. 

Creating a Unified Portal with Multiple Authoring Systems
White Paper

Creating a Unified Portal with Multiple Authoring Systems

Transform the way your organization stores, manages, and accesses content.

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