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Deliver websites and portals with a modern content platform designed for higher education

Scale content development while maintaining brand standards, accessibility, and quality. 

The Leader in .EDU Content Management

Ingeniux works with over 100 leading colleges and universities. We have two decades of experience helping higher ed institutions manage world-class websites, marketing, and academic solutions.

Accessibility. We got you covered

Accessible content is good content. Ingeniux delivers web governance and accessibility tools and integrates with leading solutions. Our 360 program provides annual accessibility audits and documentation.  

The Complete EDU Solution

Ingeniux has developed solutions for every higher education need, from Calendars to Course Catalogs, Alerts to Directories. We provide a connected platform for the entire EDU experience.

The End of Content Chaos

Ingeniux CMS provides a single, unified place to store and manage all of your content – from web pages to digital assets like images, media, and documents. With built-in orchestration, you move content between staging and production and easily version content from draft to approval.

Deliver Content Anywhere

Ingeniux is the original decoupled CMS. Our agile architecture allows you to publish one hundred websites as easily as one, and to deliver content that fits your project and tech stack – as dynamic pages, with our headless API, or traditional static publishing.

SaaS, Cloud, or On Premise

We provide a full SaaS solution managing Ingeniux CMS and your live websites with 24/7 support and high availability hosting. We have Platform-as-a-Service for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. If you need to go on premise – no problem.

The Ingeniux Higher Education Platform


Manage innovative websites and digital experiences, using a full set of content creation and management capabilities, visual Page Builder, and intelligent in-context editing.



A secure environment to publish content for staff, faculty, and other parties, featuring staff directories, forums, blogs, calendars, workspaces, and other collaboration points.


Student Portal

Provide students and faculty with a one-stop place to access all the information and systems they need to improve learning including integration with LMS, ERP, and SIS systems.

Higher Education Portal


Ingeniux InSite helps you stop searching and start finding. Our native search can be used for website search, directory search, faceted search, and custom search applications. 


Susquehanna University Revolutionizes the Student User Experience with Ingeniux CMS

On the verge of a full website redesign, Susquehanna University selected Ingeniux CMS after they were impressed by pricing, hosting packages and robust content management features. The content reuse, personalization, and administrative features in Ingeniux CMS were particularly helpful in revolutionizing their user experience for students and attracting prospective students.

Key Features

Course Catalog

Streamline catalog production by creating and managing catalog content within the CMS and then publishing it to multiple channels – the website, the Intranet, print. Ingeniux CMS can output catalog content to print-based systems such as PDF, InDesign, and Quark.


The campus directory maintains student, faculty, and administration listings. Available on the public website and internally on the Campus Intranet, enable students, faculty, and departments to manage their profiles, securing those elements of the profile that can't be changed.


A set of modules for creating student and faculty engagement, a secure membership database for managing passwords, accounts, and permissions, and moderation tools for managing your community. Modules include blogs, forums, groups, social networking, documents, and other solutions.

Campus News

The News module enables multiple departments and community groups to create and publish news stories internally and externally. Enable self-publishing or implement workflow policies for review and approval. Taxonomies support the filtering of content by topics, departments, or communities.

Events Calendar

A complete calendar and event registration solution, deliver event information based on categories or keywords; view daily, weekly, or monthly calendars; and syndicate event information using RSS. Content editors can add a listing of category-specific events to their pages by dragging-and-dropping a calendar component onto a web page.

Alerts and Notifications

Enable site administrators to create alerts and notifications for the website, intranet, or portal. Post critical, time-sensitive updates to the website, such as closures due to inclement weather, event cancellations, or power outages, even when the CMS server cannot be accessed.

Ingeniux Platform Overview for Higher Education

With over two decades of experience working in higher ed, we have the experience to deliver content management solutions that work, including websites, student portals, Intranet, and search solutions. Learn how Ingeniux CMS provides a complete solution.

What Our Customers Say

Ingeniux will satisfy content/marketing specialists as well as back-end developers. It provides the power of ASP.NET MVC on the backend and the flexibility to use modern JavaScript frameworks that also unlock incredibly flexible tools for authors working in the system.

James S.

Director of Web Initiatives
Knox College

The best part about Ingeniux is the idea of components, pieces of content that can be reused on pages to reduce duplication and ensure consistency across the site. User permissions can be set up down to the page level. This is wildly useful when managing a large site with multiple content managers.

Rebecca O.

Director of Digital Marketing
Lasell University

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