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Customer Portal

The best way to deliver outstanding customer support experiences is to let customers do it for themselves using the self-service support and community tools in the Ingeniux Customer Portal.

The Ingeniux Approach to Customer Portals

Ingeniux brings together disjointed customer support services into a single branded experience where the customer can find everything they need

360 Degree Customer Support View

Bring together information and support services into one centralized website, giving both you and your customer a 360 degree view of the customer's service and support requirements.

Full Brand Control with Pagebuilder

You get complete graphic design and brand control to create the best experience for your customers. The Ingeniux Pagebuilder enables you to create the customer experience you want.

Monitor and Improve the Support Service

Get analytics on a page-by-page and portal-wide basis to improve the portal experience. There are pre-built connectors for Google Analytics, WebTrends, and Adobe Analytics/SiteCatalyst.

Secure & Private Support Experience

Robust security and permissions for users, groups, and content assets. The DXP integrates directly with Active Directory, LDAP, and a host of custom providers, or it can provide security directly.

Platform Overview for Customer Experience Portals

Platform Overview for Customer Experience Portals

Your customers deserve a seamless, unified customer experience. The Ingeniux CXP solution brings together service and support tools, knowledge and community in one place, enabling customer self-service and bringing you closer to your customers so you can deliver timely support and service.

Customer Portal Features

Ingeniux is a modern portal designed to create a brand-forward experience and deliver services across multiple applications.


The dashboard is a content-driven interface that surfaces the most important information and links personalized to the portal user.

Learning Management

Integration learning management through single-sign on to the LMS or integrating LMS content into the portal experience directly.

Ticketing & Customer Service

Provide an interface that allows customers to submit support tickets, view current tickets and see past tickets. This is a real-time integration ensuring that the ticketing information is always up to date.

Collaboration & Social

The Ingeniux DXP supports a social and community environment through a number of features including blogs, forums, activity feeds, social feedback (commenting, likes, ratings, etc.) and interest groups.

Support Knowledgebase

Create a centralized repository of support information, pulling content from multiple locations across the company and surfacing it in the customer support portal knowledgebase.

Technical Content Delivery

Import technical content from CCMS systems and deliver it to the customer portal, enhancing discoverability with guided search, personalization, and related content.

Support Portal Technology

Content Management

A full-featured content management system enables authors, editors and publishers for each department or other area to create and manage content published in the portal.

Mobile Access

Ingeniux supports both responsive and adaptive delivery of content. It natively supports the Bootstrap 3.x and Foundation 5.x responsive frameworks.

Enterprise Search

Ingeniux Search provides a rich set of capabilities out of the box, including federation, faceted or guided search, secure search, and multilingual search.

Live Chat

Integrating live chat within your CXP is done through a simple script integration.

Resources to Help You Build Powerful Portals

Learn how you can use Ingeniux to build your next portal or community.

Ingeniux CXP Platform Overview

Product Information

Ingeniux CXP Platform Overview

Your customers deserve a seamless, unified customer experience.

Solution Guide: Intranet and Employee Portal

Solution Guide

Solution Guide: Intranet and Employee Portal

How to build and manage a successful productivity hub. 

6 Steps to a Unified Customer Portal

White Paper

6 Steps to a Unified Customer Portal

Connect service and support apps with a unified customer experience. Here's how.  

Solution Guide: Customer Portals

Solution Guide

Solution Guide: Customer Portals

Everything you need to know to maintain a successful customer portal. 

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