Ingeniux Web Experience Management Products: Community

Effective Collaboration and Communication

Enterprise business and social apps for employee collaboration and sharing information across all of your channels.

The Power of Community

With Ingeniux CMS you can include collaborative and community capabilities to empower your customers and employees to help and learn from each other.

Improved Team Collaboration

All the tools you need in one place to help teams work smarter together including file sharing, notifications, and shared workspaces.

Social Engagement

Build a community for your customers or employees with a range of features from blogs to activity feeds and interest groups.

Always Be in the Know

Notifications can alert community members to new content, new members, and other important information and events taking place.

Profile Management

Integrate with your CRM or Directory Services to build community profiles and expand those profiles with unique community attributes your members can modify.

Ingeniux is an amazing CMS. It handles all our 12 websites with ease, manages content well, and we love it. It sends out an XML feed to your views that you can manipulate any way you need.
Michael S. Web Marketing Coordinator, Big Sky Resort


Shared Workspaces

Set up workspaces for teams to easily collaborate, share documents and calendars, and stay up to date on what’s happening through team activity feeds and notifications.

Community Engagement

Build a community of users around a topic or shared interest, providing social features such as blogs, forums, activity feeds and social feedback (comments, likes, ratings, etc.)

Encourage Participation

Add gamification to your community to encourage engagement through features such as leaderboards, badges, and games.

Activity Feeds & Notifications

Allow employees, and customers to follow other community members and interesting feeds to stay up to date on events and activities.

Solution Guide: Digital Experience Portal

Modern Digital Experience Portals are an essential platform for building and supporting your key audiences such as customers, partners, employees and students. Learn the key capabilities and features required to deliver unified, content-driven experiences that break down silos and provide secure access to everything your audience needs for success.

The Technology that Drives Collaboration

Mobile Access

Enable community members to access their community or interest groups via mobile.

Community Management

Identify community managers internally or extend community manager capabilities to other groups or participants.

Profile Management

Allow members to update parts of their profile, including CRM profile information, syncing backend systems in real-time.

Integrate Email and SMS

Enable community members to receive notifications via email or SMS to ensure they are always up to date on what’s happening in the community.

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