Need to Go OnPremise? No Problem.

If you're not ready to move to the cloud or have business needs that require you to run software on your internal networks, Ingeniux can help.

The OnPremise Edition of Ingeniux CMS

Not ready or able to move your CMS to the cloud? No problem. Ingeniux CMS can be installed in your own network.

Your Choice of Operating Environment

Install Ingeniux CMS on dedicated servers or virtual machines and configure publishing targets within the network or other locations.

No Separate Database Server Required

Ingeniux CMS uses the Raven NoSQL repository to store all your content, so there's no requirement for a SQL Database or separate database server.

Unlimited Support and Maintenance

Ingeniux provides the best support in the industry through our 360 degree success program.

Decoupled Architecture

The separation of the CMS Backend Administration from the front-end lets you create any number of front-end delivery tiers.

Introducing Ingeniux CMS 10

Discover new ways to edit content, design page layouts, and manage digital assets. A completely redesigned user interface and client experience combines ease-of-use with a robust feature set and brings a new level of productivity to managing and publishing web content.

Easy to License, Easy to Install

There are no hidden fees or requirements for purchasing and installing Ingeniux CMS on premise.

Perpetual License

Pay once, use Ingeniux CMS forever. Get perpetual use of the software for one fee.

No Forced Upgrades

Upgrade when you want. Take time to ensure updates will work with your implementation.

Runs on Windows & IIS

Install Ingeniux CMS on Windows Servers 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, or 2016 in 64-bit, with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2.

Runs on Commodity Hardware

There's no need to purchase expensive servers or hardware. Ingeniux CMS runs on commodity hardware.

Technical support is phenomenal. There is efficient response time and collaboration to review and resolve complicated issues. The collegial communication with the company is very much appreciated.
Kristen E. Web Developer, American Optometric Association

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