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Multilingual Content

Languages. Regions. Locales. Do It All.

Ingeniux helps you simplify the management of even the most complex multilingual websites.

Make it Easy to Do Localization

Whether a single site localized in many languages or a distributed network of country sites, a successful web program requires an intelligent solution for managing multilingual content and teams.

Clones not Versions

Clones enable you to create unique web experiences for each language or region, from the content that is delivered to how the page is designed and personalized. Easily track sources and localized content.

Domain Strategy

Your globalization strategy takes into consideration a domain strategy. Decide how to set up your domains for each language or locale you create: single domain and subdirectories or top-level domains for all.

Site-wide Reporting

The Site Definition Manager gives you the tools to track the localization of site templates and assets, including each element on a page, components, workflow, and page creation rules.

Multilingual Taxonomy

Develop your taxonomy once and use it for every country site and language variation, maintaining search facets, audience targeting, and browse-by-category capabilities.

We have created and host approximately 170 sites, in 27 languages with Ingeniux. Because of the flexibility, and ease of use of the CMS, we've accomplished this with an extremely small internal team. In addition, the support we received during our build was exceptional.
Cyndi D. Web Producer, MoneyGram International

Localization Features

Whether you manage translation yourself or through a third-party service, we’ve got you covered.

Prebuilt Workflows

Prebuilt workflows make the translation process easy and manageable, guiding you through every step in the translation process, sending notifications to key stakeholders, recording the audit trail, and automating tasks from publishing to archiving.

External Translation Services

A Translation Dashboard enables content creators to import and export content for localization. Plug into one of fourteen of the leading translation services making it very easy for you to create content, send it off for translation, and implement the translated content back into your website.

Side by Side Translation

Translate directly in the CMS using side-by-side editing. Creating a new translation is as easy as viewing the content on the left pane and typing the translation in the right pane. Preview shows the translated content with full layout and presentation.

Solution Guide to Localization

Whether you're managing a single site localized in many languages or a distributed network of country-specific sites, a successful web program requires an intelligent solution for managing multilingual content and teams. Discover the content localization solutions you need and how to use them with Ingeniux CMS.

Powerful Translation and Localization Technology

Ingeniux CMS gives you complete control over how you manage your localization strategy, providing you the tools you need to ensure success.

Multi-site Delivery Platform

Ingeniux creates a single IIS site and uses URL rewrites to redirect the visitor to the proper website based on their locale. URL rewrites is a better use of resources and ensures your SEO and analytics continue to work for you.

Language Packs

Enable teams to work in the CMS using their native language, improving productivity and end-user adoption. Ingeniux CMS comes standard with English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other language packs.

Character Sets

Ingeniux CMS supports bi-directional (bidi) text, UTF-8, Unicode, and other character formats, empowering teams to publish web pages in any language regardless of the text flow or encoding.

Deploy Anywhere

Replicate and sync content to any server, anywhere; leverage the cloud for scalable virtual deployment or use a content delivery network for mirroring and edge caching for faster web performance and lower latency for content delivery worldwide.

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