April 4, 2018
Introducing the 2018 Digital Priorities Report

If I were to ask you what is the one digital tactic you must adopt or improve this year to ensure your success what would you say? I bet you'd have trouble picking just one.

It feels like every week or month there's something new we need to be thinking about. Some new channel we need to reach our customers on, some new way to improve the website or mobile experience, a different way to write or manage content. It feels, at times, overwhelming.

This is our new digital reality. There is no one thing you can or should do, in 2018 to improve your digital content experiences. Our new report "2018 Digital Priorities Report: Charting Digital Content Management Priorities for the Year Ahead," surveyed companies across a range of industries on their digital priorities. What we found is that most organizations are implementing a range of digital tactics from responsive design, personalization, website governance, analytics, headless CMS, new website/CMS, portals, intranets, conversion rate optimization and others. 

The truth is simple; there is no one app. In 2018, the mantra is: "All Your Apps." Having a great website, portal, and search platform are symbiotic, they are all part of a single customer experience. You need to take a portfolio approach to deliver a successful program.

There were some similarities across industries. For example, BOTs and AI were frequently mentioned for financial services companies, while portals were ranked higher for healthcare organizations. Of all the digital tactics we asked about, one tactic was consistently ranked high - improving analytics.

Consumer preferences are changing faster than most organizations can keep up. Analytics can help, but many struggle to put the right metrics in place - metrics that will provide the insights needed to adapt and improve experiences as quickly as possible. The fact that improving analytics is high on many organizations lists shows these companies understand the need to consistently monitor what's happening on their websites and mobile experiences.

Another finding from the study showed a clear challenge for many companies. When asked who will implement new tactics, a large majority indicated that internal resources would do the work. However, the study also showed that internal resources were also the top challenge to getting changes made. 

With limited budgets and many digital tactics on the to-do list, you can understand the problems companies face. Internal resources are spread too thin across tactics, not enough resources are available to do many things quickly, or resources aren't adequately trained on the new technologies they are implementing. In some cases, the answer is to involve third-party resources - like vendors or digital agencies, but again, budgets continue to cause problems.

In the report, we look at priorities overall and then dive into individual digital tactics and the opportunities and challenges of each. In future posts we'll dig deeper into the things you can do for some of these tactics, and how they help improve digital experiences.

For now, have a look at the 2018 Digital Priorities report. If you'd like to talk about your specific plans for 2018 and how we might be able to help, please reach out. I'd love to chat.