Ingeniux at LavaCon 2017, Exploring Intelligent Content Management and Unified Customer Portals
Press Release | 11.2.2017

Seattle, WA | Ingeniux Corporation, a leading provider of web content management and collaboration software, will exhibit and present a workshop at the LavaCon 2017 in Portland, OR November 5-8, 2017. 

Ingeniux will be exhibiting a suite of solutions aimed at the intelligent content strategy crowd, including intelligent web content management software, unified customer and content portal software, and structured content distribution solutions.

At the conference, Ingeniux CEO and Founder, Jim Edmunds, will present the workshop, Creating a Unified Content Portal: The Key to Competitive Advantage. In the workshop, Jim will show attendees what a unified content portal is and how their adoption can be used to great competitive advantage in a range of industries. He’ll also demonstrate how unified content portals break down content silos and provide some tips for achieving success with this solution post-implementation.  

Jim Edmunds is the CEO, Founder, and President of Ingeniux. Learn more about Jim and his session at LavaCon below.

[Workshop] Creating a Unified Content Portal: The Key to Competitive Advantage
Jim Edmunds, CEO and Founder, Ingeniux
Sunday, November 5
1:00 PM

A lot goes into creating a successful Unified Content Portal. By bringing together disparate parts of your organization (e.g. technical documentation, training information, and support documentation) and breaking down content silos, organizations can revolutionize how content is stored, shared, and distributed throughout their organization – and beyond.

Discover what exactly a “unified content portal” is and how you can take the necessary steps to creating a successful one. Then, find out how modern organizations are adopting content-as-a-service (CaaS), search, personalization, and other strategies to make their content even more powerful. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • Definition of a Unified Content Portal – and what a successful one looks like in the real world
  • Case studies and examples of ways in which Unified Content Portals are being adopted and used throughout a diverse range of organizations
  • Core business drivers, ROI, and competitive advantages
  • How a Unified Content Portal breaks down content silos – using hands-on exercises and workshopping
  • Best practices for attaining buy-in from key stakeholders

About Ingeniux

Ingeniux is a leading provider of intelligent content management and digital experience software. Ingeniux technology empowers organizations with a .NET platform for websites, portals, communities, and structured content delivery. Available as a hosted service (SaaS) or an on-premise application. 

Ingeniux software is used by hundreds of leading brands, universities, trade associations, and government agencies globally.

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