July 9, 2018
Ingeniux Enhances Support for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Seldom is there a discussion with customers today where the topic of the cloud doesn't come up. Organizations are increasingly moving their web and portal experiences to the cloud to take advantage of cheaper storage, higher availability and increased scalability.

Ingeniux has provided its CMS and portal solutions as managed services in the cloud for a while now. We were offering a hosted service before it was a mainstream request. We've also built-in support for hosting your Ingeniux CMS in a third-party cloud service like Amazon or Azure, and with the release of Ingeniux CMS 10.1, we've enhanced that PaaS support.

Here's a quick look at what the release of Ingeniux CMS 10.1 brings to Ingeniux CMS users. 

Support for "Blob" Storage

Ingeniux CMS supports deployment to Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the most important enhancements we've done with version 10.1 is to support loading content in blob storage on these public clouds (AS3 and Azure File Services) and then accessing this storage from the Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server (DSS) which delivers your website.

With AS3, content like images, videos, documents, and other assets, are placed in a bucket in the AWS Region of your choice. Amazon provides an API that Ingeniux uses to access the content to deliver to the DSS.

With Azure File Services, we store content in Azure Blobs, which also provides a REST API we access in the DSS to store and retrieve content.

In both instances, the purpose of storing assets in these “blobs” or “buckets” is to place them in a location that can be accessed by multiple application instances at the same time.

AS3 and Azure File Services are cost-effective ways to store content in the cloud for all your cloud-based or hybrid applications.

Improved Auto-Scaling

Traffic to your website or application is likely not consistent, instead, increasing and decreasing over periods due to a range of factors. You don't want to pay for resources if you don't need them. With AWS and Azure, you now have improved auto-scaling, with resources added automatically when they are needed.

With both cloud services, you also have auto-scaling of the blob storage, so you can use it to replicate files to each server automatically ensuring you always have real-time updates for all your content. 

Cloud Support for DAM

Ingeniux CMS 10 digital asset management (DAM) also works with external storage systems in Azure and AS3. When you store your digital assets in one of these locations, they show up as virtual assets in the CMS. Also, a native asset in the CMS can be directly deployed to CloudFront, Amazon's content delivery network.

Moving Your Ingeniux CMS to the Cloud

Ingeniux offers a cloud-based platform for hosting your Ingeniux-built website or portal. This is a fully managed hosting solution that provides regular updates, enhanced security and compliance and the performance you need to run your digital experiences.

We've also had customers who prefer to host their Ingeniux solution in AWS or Azure, and we've worked hard to ensure they can do that successfully. The latest enhancements to Ingeniux 10.1 demonstrate our continued commitment to ensuring Ingeniux supports AWS and Azure PaaS and we will continue to build on that support.

Check out our Ingeniux CMS 10.1 news release for further details on this exciting update to the product.