Ingeniux 10.1 Enhances Support for PaaS, Adds New DITA Capabilities
Press Release | 6.21.2018

Seattle, WA | Ingeniux Corporation, a leading provider of web content management and portal software announces the latest release of its web content management system, Ingeniux 10.1. This latest version further enhances Ingeniux's support for Azure and AWS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and adds additional capabilities to support the use of DITA within the CMS.

Organizations are increasingly moving their web and portal experiences to the cloud to take advantage of cheaper storage, higher availability and increased scalability. Ingeniux CMS supports deployment to both Azure and AWS PaaS and in this latest release improves several features, including:

  • Support for Blob storage: Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server (DSS) supports loading content from blob storage: AS3 and Azure File Services. Content is now placed into buckets enabling multiple applications instances to read from the bucket at the same time. 
  • Improved Auto-scaling: With support for blob storage, Ingeniux customers hosting their DSS on AWS or Azure can scale out automatically with real-time updates of content.

"Ingeniux understands that organizations want options in how they deploy their web experience solutions. The ability to deploy Ingeniux CMS in Azure, AWS or within our own hosted platform gives customers those choices," said Jim Edmunds, Ingeniux CEO.

In addition to enhanced PaaS support, Ingeniux 10.1 also adds new DITA capabilities. DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an XML data model used for authoring and publishing technical documentation and is typically used by technical teams to manage application and help documentation and training material. Technical documentation is becoming a key resource in customer support portals and custom online business applications; the ability to manage it alongside other organizational content including marketing, service and support information is critical to delivering successful customer experiences.

Ingeniux can ingest DITA content, manage it, and deliver it to digital and print channels. Ingeniux 10.1 provides three distinct DITA capabilities:

  1. Ingeniux provides a new element to support standard XML of any schema
  2. DITA content imported into the CMS keeps its native format
  3. The DITA Import application module will import DITA maps while retaining content structure 

Ingeniux 10.1 also introduces an integration with EasyDita, a popular CCMS (Component Content Management Systems) for creating and managing DITA content. The EasyDita connector allows writers to author content in EasyDita and to flow that content into Ingeniux CMS for multichannel publishing and deployment.

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