The last true differentiator is customer experience

How we connect, share, and inform our audiences is how we thrive in the modern era. It's content that connects us.  

We are the leader in agile experience management. We provide solutions to help innovative companies and organizations deliver exceptional digital experiences. It's incredibly rewarding, inspirational, and often humbling to work with our customers and help them forge the future of digital.

If you were on the Web today there is a good chance you were on Ingeniux, whether you were shopping for a new home mortgage, booking a flight, buying insurance, visiting your alma mater, or connecting with your professional association. 

Our Founding Belief

Ingeniux was founded in 2000, borne out of our experiences at Electronic Arts and Microsoft MSNBC pioneering digital content publishing.

We believe that every organization is now a media company - we all need to create and manage content in the digital age - and we need professional tools and services to deliver world class experiences.

    How Our Technology is Different

    Ingeniux is the agile platform for digital content management. Three things make our platform stand out above the rest:

    • We built our CMS on a decoupled architecture from the very beginning, improving it steadily over time.
    • We store content in an intelligent content model that enables customers to create content once and easily repurpose it for different channels and devices, regardless of where they are located.
    • We designed a hybrid content delivery model that supports every type of publishing model our customers may need including dynamic delivery for sites, headless content delivery for apps, and static content delivery for print.

    Our Dedication to Customers

    If there’s one thing we believe strongly, it’s that our customers are our number one priority. Our unwavering dedication to customer support and customer service is matched by none.

    Our Dedication to Employees

    Ingeniux is headquartered in Seattle and has in-sourced growth in Walla Walla, a rural community in the Washington wine region. We also have a remote team working across North America, ensuring our customers have access to regional team leaders.

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