Manage Multi-Lingual Websites with Ingeniux Worldview

Ingeniux WorldView is a suite of features in Ingeniux CMS designed to simplify the management of even the most complex multilingual website. It includes prebuilt translation workflows, a powerful tracking and notification system, localized client software in a wide range of languages, and a robust "locale" system for defining each language and region you need to support. 

Unlike many CMS applications that treat each translation as simply a version of a page, WorldView makes it easy to create a unique web experience and set of content for each language view or country site you support. WorldView intelligently "clones" web pages and components of content so websites can be published in each location and language while sustaining the connections and dependencies between pages for editing and reporting.  

Prebuilt workflows accelerate content translation while ensuring compliance and audit trail capabilities. WorldView provides user-friendly translation capabilities with side-by-side editing and preview. It can also be integrated with external translation applications. The Ingeniux CSAPI makes it easy to export content to, or export content from, any third-party translation system.

Ingeniux is designed to accelerate content delivery. Publishing targets replicate and sync content to any server, anywhere, using your choice of URL or domain. You can set up targets in host countries, leverage an external content delivery network (CDN), or use the Ingeniux Cloud to boost web performance worldwide. 


  • Manage unique web experiences and content for each language or region
  • Manage unlimited country sites in one CMS
  • Deliver content using country-specific URLs and TLDs
  • Easily reuse content and media across sites and regions
  • Accelerate content delivery in the Ingeniux Cloud or optional CDN delivery
  • Lower the cost of multilingual site management, streamlining updates and reporting
  • Empower remote staff to manage the web in their native language
  • Compliant with Unicode, UTF-8, BIDI, and other character formats

Key Features

Deliver content in any language and region using the locale system. The locale system defines which languages and regions you want to publish with Ingeniux CMS. You can define a locale for any region, such as French for Canada or French for France, each with different variations of content and targeted delivery capabilities. Add a new locale in seconds, selecting from an extensive list of languages and dialects. Because location is part of the Ingeniux content structure, the Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server can intelligently render content for each language and region. 

Sync Updates With Page Cloning

Want the ease of a content versioning with the flexibility of a page? Clone it. Clones provide synced copies of web pages in Ingeniux CMS with their source or "master" page. Each clone can be organized alongside original content to create a unique web experience for each language or region. When one copy is updated, the owner of each clone is notified to translate their view of the changes.  Links in the page properties connect each version of a page, making it easy to track sources and localized content.  

Streamline Translation with Workflow 

WorldView offers prebuilt workflows designed to make translation easy and manageable. Starting a translation only requires one click. Once a page is bound in workflow, it is guided through every step in the translation process, sending notifications to relevant parties, recording the audit trail, and automating tasks like publishing and archiving.

Side-by-Side Translation

Translate in Ingeniux CMS using side-by-side editing. Creating a new translation is as easy as viewing the content on the left pane and typing in the translation in the right pane. Preview shows the translated content with full layout and presentation.

Multilingual Taxonomy

Ingeniux makes it easy to translate categories for any language or region. Develop your taxonomy once and use it for every country site and language variation, maintaining search capabilities, facets, audience targeting, and browse-by-category capabilities.

Language Packs for French, Spanish, Chinese, and More 

Enabling teams to work in the CMS using their native language improves productivity and end-user adoption for global organizations. Language packs instantly deliver Ingeniux CMS software in a wide array of languages. Ingeniux CMS comes standard with English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and other language packs.

Site-Wide Localization Reporting

The Site Definition Manager provides a tool to track localization of site templates and assets, including individual page elements, components, workflows, and page creation rules. 

A Localization Solution with Character

Publish content using a wide range of character sets. Ingeniux CMS supports CJK double-byte, bidi, complex scripts, and other character formats, empowering teams to publish web pages in any language regardless of the text flow or encoding.

Accelerate Content Delivery Worldwide 

Ingeniux publishing targets replicate and sync content to any server, anywhere, using your choice of URL or domain. The Ingeniux Cloud offers points of presence worldwide with a scalable virtual deployment system. Ingeniux also supports file-based content delivery network deployment with mirroring and edge caching. The bottom line is faster web performance and lower latency for content delivery worldwide. 

Connect to External Service Bureaus and Localization Services 

Import and export content for localization using the Ingeniux CSAPI. With connectors for many leading localization solutions and a flexible interface, Ingeniux can integrate seamlessly into your existing translation process.