Ingeniux Technical Content Publishing

Ingeniux CMS unifies structured XML, documents, media, and other content across the enterprise. Ingeniux syncs with multiple content sources and repositories to centralize content into one easy to use web portal application. Once centralized, Ingeniux adds value and new insights to your content with taxonomy-based categorization, guided search, membership, and social collaboration services.

Use Ingeniux to power customer support, technical marketing, channel sales, employee, and modern knowledge bases.


Key Benefits

  • Publish technical and structured content to the web quickly and easily
  • Enhance discoverability with guided search, personalization, and related content
  • Lower call center and support costs through customer self service
  • Optimize content for mobile devices and media tablets
  • Unify XML and back office content with live syncing from multiple sources
  • Safeguard content with secure user access and management
  • Lower IT and development costs with flexible NoSQL database technology

Key Features

The Web Channel for DITA and Other Structured Content

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a XML content standard designed for managing technical information in reusable topics or components. Adoption of DITA has skyrocketed over the past few years as global businesses see significant savings in content production and translation costs. Ingeniux can deliver DITA and other XML formats to the web quickly and easily, expanding access to information and making it available to users worldwide.

Drive Content ROI through Discoverability

Information is not valuable unless people can find it. Ingeniux goes beyond traditional search technology with InSiteTM, a search experience expressly designed for intelligent content. Ingeniux InSite is based on the Apache Lucene. InSite makes content discoverable in catalog and keyword search, indexing full meta data and content structure. Ingeniux supports content categorization using taxonomy and meta data extraction to deliver guided search experiences with full content faceting by keyword, category, content type, collection, and other meta data.

Mobility Delivered

Optimize content for any device with Ingeniux CMS. The Ingeniux mobile device library is updated every week with tens of thousands of leading mobile device profiles. Responsive templates work with Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks for supporting desktop PC, mobile smart phone, and media tablets using one set of content, code, and templates.  Whether targeting devices with adaptive mobile experiences or delivering baseline mobility via responsive design, Ingeniux provides a complete solution.

Gain Relevance with Content Targeting and Personalization

Powerful content targeting and personalization features help you deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time. The Ingeniux portal personalizes content based on click-stream and implicit interests, geo-location by region, country, or MSA, explicit user profiles and preferences, or social personalization by popularity and sharing.

Ironclad Access with Secure Portal Authentication

Safeguard your content and personalize user experiences. Ingeniux LiveSync technology supports authentication and user management using databases, Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, and connectors for enterprise applications like PeopleSoft,, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Empower Your Community with Social Content

The optional Cartella community software provides user generated feedback and interaction. Provide content ratings, reviews, likes, and commenting. Extend the portal with user powered forums, blogs, and team workspaces.

Go Global with Multi-Site and Multi-Lingual

Ingeniux is designed to manage an unlimited number of websites and to control the reuse, staging, security, and delivery between them. Simplify the management of even the most complex multilingual websites using pre-built translation workflows, tracking and notification, localized client software in a wide range of languages, and a robust "locale" system for defining each language and region you need to support. Ingeniux accelerates content delivery. Publishing Targets replicate and sync content to any server. You can set-up targets in host countries, leverage an external Content Delivery Network, or use the Ingeniux Content Cloud to boost web performance worldwide.

The NoSQL Advantage

The first enterprise content portal based on NoSQL technology, Ingeniux CMS provides a highly scalable, cost effective platform for managing and delivering content in any cloud or secure network. The Ingeniux NoSQL repository is designed for content. Because it does not require fixed schema, any content type can be introduced without development or database changes. Content is instantly indexed. When it comes to scaling Ingeniux is unmatched. The repository supports millions of topics and documents. Automatic clustering and shading allow repository clustering without DB administration or development costs. 

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