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MoneyGram International offers money transfer services through a global network. Their website needed to be translated and localized efficiently for a large number of languages and regions. Working in collaboration with multiple vendors and designers, Ingeniux delivered the flexible, scalable solution MoneyGram needed for their complex content publishing needs.

Ingeniux Case Study MoneyGram

Ingeniux Case Study MoneyGram

Ingeniux Case Study MoneyGram


MoneyGram International is a global brand boasting more locations worldwide than McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway and Walmart combined. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MoneyGram offers money transfer services through a global network of 347,000 agent locations, including retailers, international post offices, and financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories.

With an international presence stretching to nearly every corner of the globe, MoneyGram faced a unique challenge to deliver localized and relevant versions of its website to dozens of countries, and in multiple languages. This challenge was compounded by the fact that MoneyGram manages its vast web presence with a very small team of developers and content professionals. MoneyGram turned to Ingeniux to develop a simple, scalable solution for their complex content publishing needs.


Ingeniux delivered a solution that allows MoneyGram to manage multiple country-specific sites based on a common design. In one Ingeniux CMS instance, MoneyGram's small web team operates 101+ sites supporting 27+language variations. This scalable solution allows the team to easily create sites and language variations in flexible templates.

In addition to its country sites, MoneyGram manages a blog with the Ingeniux blogging module. Taking advantage of sophisticated taxonomy components, MoneyGram can display related content and provide archival search functionality.

To further ease the management of their complex web presence, MoneyGram selected Ingeniux for a number of professional services. MoneyGram sites are hosted in the Ingeniux SaaS hosting solution. In the Ingeniux cloud, MoneyGram experiences greater scalability, less management overhead for its IT team, and the peace of mind that comes from having one number to call to address web software, performance, and up-time services.

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