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5280 Solutions

5280 Solutions, an award-winning provider of information technology products and business automation solutions, switched to Ingeniux CMS to deliver content as a service to it's loan application. The seamless integration process and easy-to-use administrative platform made the selection a no-brainer for the organization.


5280 Solutions is an award-winning provider of information technology products and business automation solutions. It is part of Nelnet, a leading education finance company focused on helping students and families plan, prepare, and pay for education.. One of the services it provides is government student loans software.

Recently, 5280 updated its government-based student loan application and as part of the project decided to retire its homegrown content management system and bring in a content management platform that could provide content-as-a-service to its loan application.   Barry Woodhead, Web Platform Development Team Lead for 5280 Solutions, talked about the need for new non-invasive content management and how Ingeniux offers the best solution for their needs.

The Need for a Better Content Management Solution

As part of the web application upgrade that helps service student loans, 5280 needed a better way to deliver client-specific content and integrate it into the web application.

The existing client content tool met basic needs but had some issues, including a lack of flexibility. It was also difficult to manage permissions to make content management accessible to anyone outside of internal corporate users. 

What 5280 wanted was a solution that performed quickly and didn't add a lot of extra processing that would get in the way of their existing HTTP requests; the solution needed to augment what they had. 

Internally, Ektron was the existing CMS used, but they knew they wanted to get away from this platform. Additional CMS platforms were surveyed, but as soon as Ingeniux was introduced to the project team, they were sure it was the direction to go in.

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