Ingeniux Extranet Edition Software

New Partner and Supplier Connections

Ingeniux Extranet Edition simplifies online collaboration with partners, suppliers, and other external organizations.

With the Extranet Edition software you can easily create secure workspaces to share content and business documents with trusted users. Similar to an intranet-a private network for employees inside a company, Extranet Edition delivers a web-based community for securely sharing information with people outside your organization.

Whether you're trying to deliver full business collaboration or just streamline your business processes, Ingeniux Extranet Edition delivers a complete solution.

key features

  • Account and Sub- Sites
  • Blogs
  • Document Mngmt.
  • Mobile
  • Member directory
  • Member profiles
  • Taxonomy and tagging
  • Enterprise search
  • Social networking
  • Status updates
  • LDAP and AD Sync
  • Calendars
  • Photo gallery
  • Forum
  • Video
  • Surveys and polls
  • Time tracking
  • Private messaging

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Secure Collaboration

Ingeniux Extranet Edition provides a comprehensive authentication system which supports single sign-on authentication against identity providers as well as its member database for storing user names and credentials. Users may be created in the system or synced against CRM systems like or Microsoft Dynamics. Ingeniux extranet software supports secure access for all of your users.

Work Spaces and Digital Libraries

Extranets mean collaboration. The Extranet Edition makes it easy to created shared workspaces and micro-sites, each with their own membership and capabilities. Create a workspace to share content with each partner or customer, or build workspaces around your products and services and permission access.

Dynamic Asset and Document Management

Ingeniux Extranet Edition includes complete document and asset management capabilities. You can upload and manage files, set access levels, and manage versions as documents or assets are edited and changed. Built-in image editing, galleries, and HTML5 video support deliver rich user experiences.

100% Customizable

Ingeniux Extranet Edition comes pre-packaged with a full set of desktop and mobile templates, modules, and features.

Built using the Ingeniux Cartella platform, the Extranet Edition is completely customizable-from the look and feel, to the form fields and data model, to the authentication system.

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