Ingeniux Training Opportunities

About Ingeniux Training

Effective training requires solid instruction, clear objectives, and time to practice what is taught. Our courses combine lecture-style presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience to ensure that trainees absorb and retain the lessons covered in each training course. With both our regional training and on-site training programs, we aim to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to create and maintain exceptional websites.  

Regional Training

These five-day training programs are designed to improve site administration and development skills with the guidance of an Ingeniux trainer. This program takes place at pre-determined locations five times a year. Organizations can select a la carte which days they'd like to register for to target their learning, or sign on for the whole week at a discounted price. 

Post-training, attendees receive immediate access to a server along with self-assessment tests and tasks so that they can practice what they've learned. Attendees will also be added to the training forum, where they can ask questions and discuss solutions with the Ingeniux training community. 

On-Site Training

Bring Ingeniux to your organization for a customized training. These trainings are effective for training small to large teams in Ingeniux CMS administration and development. An Ingeniux trainer will personalize the course to your needs and provide trainees with detailed demonstrations, hands-on lessons, and one-on-one Q&A. 

Course Offerings

Ingeniux CMS Fundamentals
This course lays the foundation for working in Ingeniux CMS. Gain the knowledge you need to perform essential tasks like accessing author and admin clients, creating and editing webpages, and using workflow. This course is a prerequisite to all other Ingeniux training courses. 

Ingeniux CMS Implementation Best Practices 
This course familiarizes participants with the development landscape of Ingeniux CMS. Become acquainted with Ingeniux CMS site implementation in a structured content environment. Learn best practices and crucial information for designing and developing a site that will take full advantage of the benefits a structured content system can provide. 

Ingeniux CMS Site Configuration
This course takes the concepts explored in CMS Fundamentals and extends them to provide in-depth instruction on Ingeniux CMS site configuration. Participants will explore administrative tools in the CMS and begin thinking about how to configure their own CMS implementations. 

Ingeniux CMS Development and Implementation
This course is the entry point for developing the skills needed to develop new pages and components in the Ingeniux CMS. Lessons will provide the knowledge necessary for developers to build out their Ingeniux CMS to deliver specific functionality requirements, like creating and modifying schemas for pages and components. Participants will also get a strong introduction to the ASP.NET framework with a focus on the view layer in MVC. 

Ingeniux CMS API
This course introduces the API (Application Programming Interface) and Ingeniux REST API, allowing developers to extend the functionality of their Ingeniux CMS and allowing for the integration of services and data from outside the CMS environment. Attendees will leave this course with the knowledge necessary to develop scripts and programs to interact with the application and perform certain tasks, e.g. creating content in the CMS through an outside form, automatically archiving old content, and suggesting taxonomy categories as part of a workflow. 

Register for Training

  • To register for a Regional Training Course visit the Support Site to find a program near you or contact the Training Team
  • To request an On-Site training please contact your Account Manager.