Why Ingeniux? Unparalleled Customer Service

Ingeniux is committed to providing the best customer support in the industry. Our support team provides responsive and knowledgeable support solutions and best practices in content management.

All of our products are backed by in-house telephone support. In-depth information, online issue tracking, and support tools are available via our secure customer support website.

Because we feel that the best support comes before you have an issue, Ingeniux provides hands on help for installation and other best practice issues, and provides the following online resources:

Ingeniux Support Services

  • US Telephone Support 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, U.S. Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday at 1 877 299 8900. International support plans available.
  • Track and respond to incidents via our online Incident Tracking System.
  • Training Tools: Including sample sites for you to install and work with; each sample site comes with a tutorial and reference files.
  • Installation Support: We provide answers to installation questions and configuration issues.
  • Product Upgrades: We keep you informed about maintenance updates, release upgrades, and latest product news.

For help logging into Ingeniux Support please call 1 877 299 8900 or email support@ingeniux.com.