November 30, 2017
Web Governance Strategies: Responsiveness

No discussion around web governance is complete without talking about performance. Your website should function properly 24/7, and there should be policies in place to alert your IT team of any issues before they arise or as soon as they arise. 

According to Aberdeen Group, Inc., "A 1 second delay in page-load times equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and a 7% decrease in conversion." 

Considerations here include things like: 

  • The speed your website loads on both the desktop and mobile devices 
  • How long it takes for an image to load - looking at the size of your images 
  • The size of downloadable content 

You'll want to put some KPIs in place to monitor, like page load time, response to request time, mobile redirect time, page load time on mobile device, and transaction completion rate (to name a few). 

Look at the size of your images and other multi-media content because often these assets are too large and slow down the loading of web pages. Also, find out how many scripts are loading on a web page; the more scripts to load, the slower the web page loads.

Your analytics application also gives you an idea of the responsiveness of your website. Metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and goals completed can also give you a look at how well your site may be performing. 

Website performance is often the last thing you think about when working on your web governance strategy because it's a technical issue that's difficult for marketers or web managers to understand and manage. But it's critical to examine these elements early on to resolve any issues before they become real problems that are difficult to fix. 

Ingeniux provides a hosted option that gives you the security, operations and availability that IT requires with the convenience and performance your marketing team demands. 

With Ingeniux Cloud Hosting you get: 

A full managed customizable CMS application in your choice of a shared or dedicated environment

  • Easier upgrades, when you want them
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Advantages in scale and performance
  • Exceptional fully trained expert service and support 24x7 year-round

Hosting your website with Ingeniux ensures your website is operating at peak performance all the time. 

Learn more about web governance strategies, including responsiveness strategies, in our Guide to Web Governance

Posted by David Hillis
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