November 2, 2017
Web Governance Strategies: Content Strategy

While many people do not think of content strategy as part of web governance, your content strategy will help define the editorial, brand, and style requirements you need to maintain your website. It will also help you establish the customer touch points, such as your website, mobile application, print output or other channels.  

Before you start creating content on your website, take the time to define your content strategy. You do some of this when you create the design and information architecture for your website, but there's more to do.   

A content strategy identifies the types of content you plan to create on your website and the associated taxonomy (categories and metadata) you assign to that content. It also defines the voice and tone you expect so that there is a consistent voice across all your content. 

Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Perform a content audit of existing content and content that you are planning. 
  2. Define the categories and associated metadata for your content. 
  3. Create editorial guidelines that outline the voice and tone you want to project and includes instructions for how to categorize content and apply metadata. Be sure to include plenty of samples. 

Looking for more ways to leverage content strategy in your web governance? Check out this related content: 4 Ways to Use Taxonomy. 

Posted by David Hillis
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