November 28, 2017
Web Governance Strategies: Accessibility

You want as many visitors able to view and navigate your website as possible. Accessibility is the process of ensuring that happens. Screen readers, people with disabilities that make it difficult to read or navigate a website using traditional means, have a right to access your website content.  

There are standards in place such as WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 that outline the things you need to do to make your website accessible. Most issues are broken down into Site-level issues and Page-level issues. 

Some of these include: 

  • Offering text alternatives (ALT text) on images, videos, and other visual elements 
  • Use of Headings to skip through content 
  • Accessible data tables 
  • Proper page titles 
  • Descriptive linking 
  • Media players and Forms also need to be accessible 

To support accessibility Ingeniux provides both an in-CMS checker and integrates with Site Improve. 

  • In-CMS Accessibility Checker: An Ingeniux CMS custom application leverages AChecker Accessibility Checker in the CMS. It will validate content using Section 508 or WCAG 2.0. 
  • Site Improve: Ingeniux allows easy embedding of the content validation code for reporting through the Site Improve web governance suite

Learn more about web governance in our Guide to Web Governance

Posted by David Hillis
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