December 13, 2017
Top 10 Articles on Digital Experience in 2017: EDU Edition

If there is one thing we've learned this year, it's that higher education institutions are making great strides building engaging experiences for both prospective and current students. On the blog this past year, we've attempted to address all of these important changes in both strategies and technology. 

Here is a sampling of what we talked about this year:

The Disappearing Line Between a CMS-Powered Portal and a Legacy Student Portal 

Student portals are a critical way to communicate and engage with students and faculty. It's also a primary hub for students to get access to everything they need as they go through their daily routine. But legacy student portals are often a set of glorified links to other applications and tools. The right approach is a CMS-powered portal, and in this post, we talk about the difference between the two and why a CMS-powered portal is the go-forward approach for student portals.

Read the blog: The Disappearing Line Between a CMS-powered Portal & Legacy Student Portal

Why Every College and University Needs a Modern Student Portal 

We have been on a student portal kick in 2017 and for a good reason. A student portal is a hub, delivering the content, applications, and services needed to be successful. A couple of benefits:

  • Support from Day One
  • The elimination of information silos
  • A content-driven experience

Learn more: Why Every College and University Needs a Modern Student Portal

Designing the Course Catalog Web Experience 

Show of hands: how many of you deliver a static, downloadable PDF for your course catalog and nothing else? Too many it seems.

That's why we think it's time to rethink the course catalog web experience. What if you could deliver an interactive catalog experience? And what if your CMS could deliver both an online and offline catalog that stays in sync?

Find out more: Designing the Course Catalog Web Experience

The Role of Mobile in Higher Education Web Experiences

You know as well as us that mobile devices are the predominant device of choice for students. Whether it's a smartphone or a tablet, how you choose to deliver your student experiences must consider these devices.

It's not just important for prospective students. However, it's also a key channel for student learning experiences. We discuss both in this post. Read it here: The Role of Mobile in Higher Education Experiences

A 7 Point Checklist for Higher Educaiton Web Experience Management

Does your CMS have what it takes to deliver the best web experience for your students and other audiences? This downloadable seven-point checklist outlines key functionality to look for, including:

  • Course Catalog
  • Directory
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Events Calendar
  • User-Generated Content
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Governance 

Get the checklist here: A 7 Point Checklist for Higher Education Web Experience Management

Web Metrics in Higher Education 

A three-part series you need to read if you want to know what metrics are critical for higher education web experiences:

  1. Web Metrics in Higher Education Pt. 1: Site Visitors
  2. Web Metrics in Higher Education Pt. 2: Discovery
  3. Web Metrics in Higher Education Pt. 3: Behavior

How Student Portals Support Admissions and Retention 

Student portals aren't only about supporting the needs of current students; they can also play a critical role in admissions and retention. Think about the onboarding process. Where better to offer the full process than a student portal? Now think about things you can do inside a portal that build loyalty and keep students happier through their entire student lifecycle.

We give you some ideas in this post: How Student Portals Support Admissions and Retention

5 Things Web Managers Can Learn from 

This blog is equally applicable to business as it is to Higher Education. offers a great web experience, and if you could take a tip or two (or five) from their web experience and apply it to your website experience, you will find success.

Learn the 5 Things Web Managers Can Learn from

Thanks for joining us for a great 2017. We've enjoyed talking about all things Higher Education and the list of things we plan to talk about in 2018 is growing by the day.

Posted by David Hillis
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