March 21, 2014
Ingeniux Partner Spotlight: Avalon Consulting, LLC

Big Data, Web Presence, Content Publishing, and Enterprise Search - each practice area has its own value, together they form a complete solution for customer experience and business collaboration.

Avalon Consulting, LLC is one of the few agencies in the industry that has the expertise to deliver on all of these practice areas and make them work together. Avalon is not a design firm or a creative agency. They are a rock solid development and technology consulting firm. They use technology to give creative ideas wings and let them fly.

A trusted Ingeniux partner since 2009, Avalon has helped many Ingeniux customers launch new websites, elevate search experiences, and deliver valuable insights through big data and analytics.

Avalon is certified to work with Ingeniux CMS, Cartella, and InSite search applications.

The Patheos Success

Ingeniux and Avalon first teamed up to deliver, the leading religion portal on the web.  

According to, Patheos is one of the top 700 websites in the United States. In 2009 Patheos was just an idea. Leo Brunnick, ironically a former executive at Web CMS vendor Vignette, envisioned the need for an unbiased website to support all of the world's religions. Leo had worked deeply with Avalon while at Vignette and turned to them to build the website.

Patheos was architected to scale in the cloud and support the "Oprah Effect," when massive spikes in web traffic hit at the same time. Ingeniux CMS was selected for its native cloud capabilities and scalability. This architecture came into focus when a new Pope was named in 2013. This video shows the global web traffic for the announcement of the Pope using Avalon's Big Data capabilities.

As Patheos has grown, Avalon has continued to extend the website and the Ingeniux platform. Most recently they implemented a new search experience that has resulted in 30% increase in time-on-site after search.

Janus Capital Invests in World Class Web Presence

Ingeniux brought Avalon in to work on the Janus Capital website project because of Avalon's expertise in java and grails (Groovey on Rails) development.  Avalon took the lead on the project launching a world class website on a tight timeline. Avalon continues to provide website and application development services to Janus and serves as a trusted provider of Ingeniux solutions.

The Stelter Company

How do you manage over 700 websites, each with different design and branding, and empower your small team to launch a new website every day? The Stelter Company, a premier provider of planned giving services for universities, associations, foundations, and other organizations, was faced with this challenge. That answer was Avalon and Ingeniux.  Avalon is leading the development of a new online platform using Ingeniux CMS and Ingeniux SaaS services. This platform will support unique websites and marketing programs for hundreds of leading websites, and make the web faster to develop and deploy using drag-and-drop responsive page designers and reusable site features and content.     

Ranch Book Takes Aim at Online Communities

Ranch Book is an Internet start-up focused on developing the premier online community for hunting ranches. With the need to grow website membership and allow each member ranch to manage its own website and community, Avalon implemented the Ingeniux Cartella platform. Although it was Avalon's first Cartella project, they launched a full featured community in under eight weeks. Ingeniux software as a service allows the Ranch Book team to focus on growing the business without worrying about day-to-day website operations and management.

Working with Avalon

Avalon is available to work with Ingeniux customers on a wide range of projects. From Java and .NET development, to big data and analytics, to CMS and Cartella implementation services, Avalon has the expertise to deliver winning, cost effective solutions. Ingeniux and Avalon have recently partnered to provide enterprise and website search workshops and services using the Ingeniux InSIte search application.

Avalon Consulting, LLC is headquartered in Plano, TX, with offices in Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, and Washington, DC.

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