April 11, 2016
New Playbook: Delivering a Great Digital Experience for Member Associations

It's not easy to create an engaging digital experience. The Internet is evolving so fast that consumer expectations are always changing; they demand more from the organizations they deal with, including member associations. 

Going to meetings, reading paper-based content, that still happens, but what happens even more is visiting websites, and reading, sharing ideas and information with peers in social networks and communities. The digital experience is a critical component of the customer experience strategy for member associations.  

High performing member associations understand how critical it is to get the website experience right. They know that prospective members often find them via the internet searches or references in social media first, that existing members are pressed for time and use the Association website to find the information they need and to network with peers.  

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes of a great association website. The user experience design, the technical integrations with backend systems, the content that needs to be developed - it's hard to know where to start. But there is guidance.  

At Ingeniux, we've worked with member associations as they've built their digital experiences, we've worked with partners who are experts in member association digital experience, and we understand the opportunities and challenges faced daily. 

That's why we created the Digital Playbook for Member Associations. Whether you are a not-for-profit, a professional association, a trade association, or some other, this digital playbook offers a wealth of information you can use to build and manage your association's digital experience. 

So what's in this new guide? Plenty. 

Learn about the key components of an association website. You may not need them all, or you may want to implement them in stages, but there are some common sections you need to think about. These include basic sections like your Services and About Us pages, news and libraries of research and other documents, your member services, events and ecommerce shopping sections and more.  

The playbook also talks about key backend systems you need to integrate with your website CMS to deliver a consistent and personalized experience to your members. Integration with your Association Management System (AMS) is a key one, external content repositories, community software and ecommerce platforms are others.  

Other key considerations for your association website include search, social media integration and, of course, the mobile experience. Your members will access your website, not just from a desktop, but from their mobile devices, so be sure you spend time thinking about the mobile experience. 

We want you to download this resource and use it as a guide, as a best practice manual as you build and maintain your association website and overall digital experience. We'd love to get your feedback on how it has helped you and if there are areas we could dive into greater detail.  

Download your copy today, and feel free to stop back and tell us what you think of the playbook. It's the first in a series of industry-specific guides to building great digital experiences. 

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