April 10, 2019
Looking for a New Web CMS? Focus on ROI

There are many reasons a company may decide it's time to purchase a new web content management system. The one they use now could be at its end of life; they could be working with an outdated custom-built solution, the CMS they have may not provide the functionality needed. Regardless of the reason, the big question is how do you decide which CMS is the right one? To answer that, you need to focus on ROI.

ROI, or return on investment, is a calculation that looks at the cost of an investment compared to the benefits of that investment. So how does one calculate it for a new CMS?

There are two things to look at when determining the ROI of a CMS purchase: total cost of ownership and return on digital (the benefits you get from the investment). In this article, I'm going to look at Ingeniux CMS to help you understand how these two factors influence ROI.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) looks at the direct and indirect costs of a CMS. We look at things such as:

  • License fees
  • Implementation costs
  • Operating costs
  • The team you need to manage the CMS on-going
  • Performance costs
  • Costs related to regular upgrades
  • Costs related to setting up content re-use (if you can do it at all)

Digging into the TCO for Ingeniux CMS compared to other CMS in the same market, we see:

  • Lower licensing costs compared to comparable CMSs
  • Lower operational costs due to no need for database administration (Ingeniux uses an embedded NoSQL database) and a decoupled architecture (the CMS provides built-in staging and only requires one CMS app, so it has a smaller footprint). Ingeniux also has a native PaaS deployment with built-in auto-scaling, so you only use the resources required at any given time.
  • A typical CMS upgrade (think Adobe or Sitecore) requires a lot of resource planning and development. With Ingeniux, its decoupled nature enables near automatic upgrades that won't bring your website down while you are running the upgrade.
  • If you are delivering the same content to multiple channels, then you want a way to manage it centrally and yet be able to distribute it to any website, application, mobile app, kiosk or another channel. Content reuse is one of the most critical factors in determining the ROI of a CMS today. The fact that Ingeniux was designed for content reuse (intelligent content model and multi-site capabilities out of the box) makes it score high in a TCO/ROI calculation. You could probably configure another CMS to support content reuse, but the process could be very complex.

When asked what business problem they were trying to solve with Ingeniux CMS and what benefits they realized, one Ingeniux customer said it succinctly, "De-centralized content management. 300 users, 60,000+ pages, multiple domains and subsites all managed through one CMS instance." G2Crowd Customer Review  

It's not just customers who think Ingeniux is a good investment. According to WCM consultancy Ars Logica's Compass Guide to Web Content Management, Ingeniux CMS, 2018,

"...Ingeniux CMS has among the lowest long-term TCO in the industry -- for a few reasons.  First, the license cost is low compared to competitive products.  We believe that it is fair to say that the product sells at roughly a 40 percent discount compared to most equally functional applications.  Because maintenance and support contracts are based on a percentage of license costs, these are also relatively inexpensive."

Return on Digital 

Return on digital can be a little harder to quantify, but there are things you can look at to determine if the CMS you are looking at is worth the cost. The most important way to evaluate the return on digital might be "what can you use it for?"

All organizations support a number of web and digital experiences, many of which use content. Not all these experiences will live within the CMS, but you still want to use that CMS to manage the content each experience needs to ensure it is consistently applied and properly managed and secure.

Does the CMS you are considering provide the ability to support all these digital experiences? A hybrid CMS does, which is what Ingeniux CMS is - one of the only true hybrid content management systems available. Not only can it support the delivery of content to different channels and web experiences, but it also supports multi-site and multilingual content experiences.

"With CMS 10.0, it is possible to implement effective WEM -- based on a decoupled architecture that also underpins content delivery to apps, portals, and search-dependent solutions -- at an annual SaaS license cost of $60,000." Ars Logica Compass Guide

How G2Crowd Determines ROI 

G2Crowd is the most well-known and trusted peer review site. It determines CMS ROI like this:

"A product's Results score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of results-related review questions. Software buyers can compare products according to their Results scores to streamline the buying process and quickly identify the products that produce the best results based on the experiences of their peers."

As part of its calculations, G2Crowd scores according to four categories (the higher the score, the better):

  • Likely to Recommend
  • Meets Requirements
  • Estimated ROI
  • Other Factors

Look at the scores for Ingeniux in each of these categories compared to two other comparable CMS vendors: 

G2 Crowd ROI CMS

Source: G2Crowd

According to unbiased customer data, Ingeniux customers are more likely to recommend Ingeniux CMS to their peers and other organizations, it far exceeds competing CMS applications in meeting requirements, and delivers a solid return on investment. 

Focus on the ROI of Your Next CMS

There is a lot of work involved in selecting a new Web CMS. With content-driven experiences critical to creating great customer, student and employee experiences, you need to know the CMS you are purchasing can provide all the capabilities you need at a reasonable cost now and on-going.

Look to peer review sites like G2Crowd to learn from the experiences of other companies as part of your research and decision-making process. Ask for demonstrations focused on key features and capabilities of your organization. Evaluate ROI. And finally, learn more about Ingeniux CMS by reading The Ingeniux CMS Platform Overview.

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