March 27, 2017
Introducing the Ingeniux Platform Overview Guide for Higher Education

"Colleges and universities understand the importance of digital content and great web experiences. From delivering on the promise of the brand, message, and mission of the school to supporting a forum of ideas and services, digital content plays a key role in the life of every higher education institution." - From the Ingeniux CMS Platform Overview for Higher Education 

Selecting the right content management system to support your web experience is not a task to take on lightly. From building and integrating a Campus Directory and Course Catalog to integrating with learning management systems, ERP and CRM systems, to designing an experience that engages a range of audiences including prospective students, parents, and alumni, it is so important to ensure your Web CMS can get the job done.

Ingeniux understands what's required. With over two decades working with many higher education institutions, we understand what is needed to build a modern web experience. And we work hard to help you deliver just that.

So when we developed the Ingeniux Platform Overview Guide, we knew we needed to discuss the unique requirements that higher education institutes deal with and how the Ingeniux CMS platform supports them. 

What's in the Guide

The Ingeniux Platform Overview Guide for Higher Education outlines the Ingeniux Platform, its components and how different groups within the institution can leverage it. The guide examines key features and functionality for:

CMS/Web Administrators and Content Authors: You'll learn how to create and manage content, build templates and pages, incorporate workflow for approvals and other processes, manage digital assets and support multilingual content.

Digital Marketers: Today's web experiences must be personalized, targeted and engaging and Ingeniux provides the tools to help you create the best experience possible. We look at integrating marketing automation systems, leveraging forms, personalizing views and monitoring performance with analytics.

IT Staff: Whether you choose to use the Ingeniux SaaS Platform or on-premise version, there is a role for IT. The guide discusses topics such as security and permissions, working with different environments, publishing, including multi-channel/site publishing, mobile experiences and more.

Developers: Developers customize experiences using the latest Microsoft technology. Ingeniux is built on open standards and includes several REST-based APIs for managing and viewing content. The Guide provides an overview of the technology and the tools developers use to manage web experiences.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

Higher education institutions have the largest group of audiences to support when they design their web experiences. We designed Ingeniux to enable them to create the optimal experience for everyone.

Ingeniux manages hundreds of websites, portals, and intranets for colleges and universities. Some of the higher education features we offer include:

  • Campus Directories
  • Course Catalogs
  • Intranets and communities
  • Mobile experiences (responsive and adaptive)
  • Forms Integration
  • LMS, CRM, and ERP integration

Our professional services team have years of experience in higher education requirements and technology. There's nothing our team loves better than seeing a new web or intranet experience go live that provides the best experience possible for students, prospective students, faculty and more.

Download the CMS Platform Overview today

Posted by David Hillis
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