January 30, 2017
Ingeniux Listed as Top .NET CMS Platform by CMS-Connected

It's hard to find a good comparison of .NET Web Content Management solutions. At least, that's how Gary Eisenstein, Principal Analyst at CMS-Connected feels. Gary has over 15 years experience working with and around  .NET WCM systems. He and CMS-Connected are working to make it easier for people to evaluate and compare .NET WCM systems.   

There are a number of places you can go to get reviews of web content management software, but this latest one from CMS-Connected is great if you want to get an accurate view of Web content management software built on the Microsoft .NET platform; the same platform on which Ingeniux is built.   

Eisenstein has put together a list of those .NET WCM solutions that he believes are the best in the industry, "...platforms that in my opinion have a strong market penetration, provide stable releases, and have good corporate governance." It's great to see that he includes Ingeniux on this list (not that we are surprised - not in the least bit). 

Here are a few highlights from the CMS-Connected review of Ingeniux CMS:

  • Our technology platform is modern and in some cases, groundbreaking. It is "based on MVC and ASP.NET technology, and the platform features visual page building and editing for responsive design and ground breaking NoSQL database technology." 
  • We have a SaaS-based licensing model that is highly scalable and fully managed from end to end.  
  • We are mobile first, ensuring that your website is accessible via mobile whether you are focused on responsive or adaptive design.  
  • We treat all digital assets equally, whether you are creating text-based content or images, videos, or documents. This is an important differentiator for digital transformation. 

Check out the full review from CMS-Connected, or take some time to learn more about Ingeniux CMS: 

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