May 20, 2016
Ingeniux Featured in New Executive Blueprint on The Future of Customer Engagement

Customers have attained almost complete control of the purchase process and organizations have nothing else to do but adjust their business to customer expectations. Those that choose to stand back and do nothing will fail. Those that build partnerships with customers and invite them to become part of the solution will succeed. 

In Skillsoft's latest Executive Blueprint An Inside Look at How Customer Engagement Will Change in the Future, top business development and marketing executives provide their perspectives on the challenges of customer engagement, how to treat customers as partners, and how new technologies and business strategies can drive you towards success. 

Ingeniux is excited that our own David Hillis, VP Business Development was invited to contribute his insights and perspectives. 

Here's a sampling of David's views: 

On Shifts in Marketing

David talks about the shift from traditional digital marketing solutions to digital transformation solutions, with a broader set of business groups strategically leveraging content technologies and moving online. 

''Today we sell across the entire business organization. For example customer support, or what we call customer experience, is a growth area for us, because customer support is increasingly becoming a strategic marketing initiative. We are living in the age of the customer and organizations are looking for new ways to elevate their customer experience and break down the silos that impede a unified customer experience.

On Becoming Partners with Your Customers

For Ingeniux, customers are considered partners. It wants to be a strategic partner in digital content and customer experience. It's this approach that has set Ingeniux apart.  

''Our approach to customer service is fairly unique. Most of our competitors are more channel-driven, following a more traditional software customer service program with support, but not strategy or development services. David talks about the role self-service plays in the customer experience, particularly at the day-to-day level where customers look to knowledge programs and the broader community to get their questions answered quickly.

On Shifting Business to Stay Aligned with the Market

Ingeniux has aligned its marketing programs towards content marketing and account-based marketing. David says that content is the fuel that drives all of Ingeniux's marketing channels - email, social media, web, thought leadership and PR.  

However, you need more than content; you also need a content strategy.  

A few other quick insights: 

  • Regardless of your industry, your website is the digital manifestation of your brand and customer experience. 
  • Social media has become more important for us. It's hard to measure social media ROI. But we feel the lift.  
  • E-mail is the biggest social media network by far. I call it the invisible social network. I think you need to get email right first.

On Engaging Customers

Let's end with a great perspective from David on how to best engage customers: 

To me, the most important best practice for engaging customers is to "be real." Authenticity, honesty, humor, empathy - people buy from people. Be who you are, let your employees be true to themselves, empower them to solve the customers problems, and you will be successful. Too often companies try and wrap themselves in this armor of corporate and brand policy and it distances them from the customer. The crack in the ice is social media. Now even the largest brand can have an authentic voice.''  

Read all of David's insights along with perspectives from TMG (The Members Group), TeamSupport and Vidder. Download your copy of the executive blueprint today.

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