December 20, 2016
Ingeniux and Digital Experience: A Year in Review

Wow. We've reached the end of another year and what a year it has been for Ingeniux and the digital content management industry. The changes that we've seen taking place this year not only involve the evolution of web content management technology but also how that technology supports the entire customer lifecycle. 

We've worked with customers as they have grown and evolved their approach to web experience and customer support and look forward to helping them continue in the new year.  

Here's a look at some of the things we've been talking about for the past year. We're excited to be a part of the advancement of these strategies and technologies in 2017. 

The Third Wave of Digital Content Management

The web content management industry has been steadily undergoing an evolution, and here at Ingeniux, we've always ensured our platform and solutions ride the leading edge of those changes.  

The first wave was all about getting into and out of static HTML-based websites. The second wave introduced the web experience platform and a more dynamic database-driven website experience. As channels grew and experiences became more complex, these web experience platforms caused some challenges and a recognition that most organizations need a more flexible, agile content management solution.

And now here we are, in the third wave of digital content management and the focus is on managing and delivering smarter content - content that adapts to the audience and channel it serves. Smarter, intelligent content requires a new kind of Web CMS, one that supports structured content, decouples content from its presentation, provides a content delivery framework that supports all types of channels and devices, and works well in the Cloud. 

We've seen this move to the third wave this past year, and we'll continue to see it move forward in great strides in 2017. Ingeniux is more than prepared to support the third wave of content management, we're leading it. In fact, we're excited about the possibilities this third wave brings for our customers and the continued evolution of our CMS platform.


One of the big drivers of the third wave of digital content management is the number of channels your organization uses to reach out to and engage with customers. Yes, the website is still a primary channel, but you also produce other types of business applications that your customers use to do business with you.  

These applications are not built on your web content management platform. But they do need content. And you do want to ensure that the content you serve is consistent with the content delivered across other channels and that it is properly governed.  

Content-as-a-Service enables you to create and manage all your organization's content within the Web CMS in a way that makes it available for any website, mobile device or business application that needs it. It's a separation of content from presentation while ensuring consistency across engagement channels. 

This is an important focus for Ingeniux CMS because we understand the challenges of managing content on a daily basis, including multilingual content. We also understand that you want to deliver that content in different ways, depending on how your systems are built. That's why we designed Ingeniux CMS to support different publishing models. 

Content-as-a-Service empowers your organization to move past traditional web content management and into the third wave of content management.

Customer Support Portals

Much of 2016 focused on customer experience from the Sales and Marketing perspective. But there's much more to engaging and supporting customers than acquisition. There's an entire customer lifecycle to support and the Customer Support Portal is how you can do that. 

A Customer Support Portal provides a one-stop self-service web experience for your customers. They can submit and review service and support tickets, research the knowledge base and review technical manuals. They can talk to other customers through community and collaboration tools and access training.  

Customer self-service is in high demand. Customers don't want to wait on hold to talk to the Contact Center. They don't want to repeat their problem over and over as they get moved from one support person in the company to another. Self-empowerment is a driver of loyalty and retention, and it helps with your costs as well. 

The potential of Customer Support Portals is something we've recognized at Ingeniux. We see the need to modernize service and support technology, and we aren't alone. A study by Bain and Co. found that increasing customer retention by 5% can add up to 95% more profit for a company.  

The current focus on digital marketing and acquisition isn't going away, but we see a growth area for customer service, and we're ready to meet that need.

A few blog posts you'll enjoy:

Technical Content Publishing

Technical content publishing is a topic that's typically relegated to the back room. But it's interesting to note that it's actually a key component when delivering customer self-service. Your customers want information about your products. They want to know how to use them, how to resolve issues or figure out what it can do in additional to what they already know.  

This is all technical content: embedded help, knowledge bases, user guides, even complex training delivery. Much of this content is offered within your Customer Support Portal. 

But delivering technical content to a web experience is challenging for most organizations because it's not web-enabled by default. It may be stored in a Component Content Management System that uses DITA or as PDFs or other docs in a file share. How do you get it from there to the web where customers expect it to be? 

Technical content publishing is an area we understand well. It's not content that you just want to put on a web page and let your customers try to figure it all out. You want it to have a clear taxonomy and be searchable alongside all your other web content. You want to personalize it based on how it's used and the customer accessing it. And you want to deliver it to multiple publishing targets - the Support Portal, the website, a mobile app or something else.  

As the Customer Support Portal takes hold in the coming year, there will be more discussions on the importance of technical content publishing and Ingeniux will be there, ready and able to help you deliver on the value of your technical content.

A Few Other Things We've Talked About

WCM and Account-based Marketing: 2016 has been an exciting year for the digital content management industry in part because of the changing dynamics of digital marketing. One area we see great value is in Account-Based Marketing. The idea of reaching out and working with a smaller set of accounts is something we've been working on ourselves. And we recognize that web content management can support ABM in a few important ways, including landing pages, email content, and personalization. Check out our post on the topic and learn how your WCM supports account-based marketing. 

The Future of Customer Engagement: Skillsoft approached our own David Hillis to contribute his keen insights to its Executive Blueprint, "An Inside Look at How Customer Engagement Will Change in the Future" and David happily obliged. In it, David talks about breaking down the silos that impede a unified customer experience. Part of that is becoming partners with your customers, demonstrating your commitment to their success. It's also about being real: "Be who you are, let your employees be true to themselves, empower them to solve the customers problems, and you will be successful."

Five Years of Web Experience Innovation

The Ingeniux User Conference celebrated its fifth year this year, and the event was great. It gives us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with our customers and to provide great insights into not only our products and solutions but also what's happening in the industry.  

Karen McGrane was one of our keynote speakers. She discussed the changing landscape of digital content management and how we can embrace flexible or agile content management tools and structured content publishing to ensure success. 

Our CEO, Jim Edmunds talked about Ingeniux's passion for mapping the world of digital content management. He talked about the importance of listening to customers and understanding their needs and using that information to drive the evolution of the Ingeniux platform and solutions.  

This is our favorite event of the year. Feel free to check out the recap and even dive into some of the conference session presentations.

Until 2017

We want to take a final minute and thank you for enjoying the ride through 2016 with us. We look forward to working with you in 2017. Whether you are a customer of Ingeniux or just dropping by, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date with everything that's happening in the web experience industry and with Ingeniux. 

Happy Holidays!

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