April 24, 2019
How Ingeniux Compares to Sitecore and Adobe

You've heard it before, and we'll say it again: The only criteria that truly matters for judging content management software is customer success. When it comes to comparing the web content management and vendor capabilities of Ingeniux, Sitecore, and Adobe, Ingeniux customers are happier. And for many reasons.

In customer reviews on G2 Crowd Ingeniux outperformed Sitecore and Adobe in 20 out of 24 categories. Along with feature and capability ranks, G2 allows CMS users to write reviews. One Ingeniux customer who left a review for Ingeniux CMS posted the following:

"In order for our company to scale globally, we need to incorporate a robust system that is a true web experience & content management system (content management - technical and visual, localization and digital asset management) that allows Marketing to support all digital programs without needing internal Ops support. This platform will allow us to move faster into regions which support demand generation programs and serve as the main vehicle that will connect with the underlying Marketing engine. Ingeniux CMS delivers a complete set of features for managing complex and performance-oriented websites which at the end allow less overhead on development and technical knowledge." [Source]

On G2 Crowd, customers score their CMS and its vendor in a range of categories, including ease of use, ease of admin, quality of support, meets requirements, ease of doing business with, and product direction. G2 Crowd also asks customers to rank the features of their CMS, like how it manages content, design features, and platform capabilities. 

We are proud to report that, overall, Ingeniux took top spot in most areas.

For example, Ingeniux scored higher than both Sitecore and Adobe for content authoring, content repository, and search (Ingeniux offers built-in native search with InSite Search).


Ingeniux Sitecore Adobe
Content Authoring 8.5 8.1 8.1
Approval Process 8.2 7.2 7.4
Content Repository 8.0 7.3 7.6
Search 7.3 6.6 6.9

The high scores in these content related categories show that Ingeniux's approach to an intelligent content model to support content reuse is working - without making content management more complex.

Ingeniux also took top scores for Internationalization and Enterprise Scalability:


Ingeniux Sitecore Adobe
Internationalization 8.6 7.8 7.7
Enterprise Scalability 8.6 8.1 8.1

There are things we continue to work on, but our roadmap and the release of Ingeniux 10.1 demonstrate our commitment to providing the best hybrid CMS on the market today.

Along with the rankings, you can read real customer reviews from Ingeniux users speaking to what they liked best about the CMS and how it has benefited their organization. Take this one, for example:

"Ingeniux has innovative technology and a platform that supports standards, not proprietary code. What stands out about this company, though, is their willingness to truly partner--to listen, help solve problems large and small, and offer smart suggestions on how to resolve issues or meet a goal." [Source]

The reviews are in, which means you don't have to take our word for it; Ingeniux customers love working with us and using Ingeniux CMS.

To see more information on how Ingeniux CMS scores higher than the competition, download the G2Crowd Web CMS Leader Report.

Posted by David Hillis
Categories: CMS
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