October 12, 2016
Five Years of Web Experience Innovation: Ingeniux User Conference 2016 Recap

2016 marked the fifth anniversary of our annual user conference. For five years, we’ve gathered our valued community of customers and partners in Seattle, WA for three days of learning, discussion, and networking.

Each year the conference continues to grow in both size and quality of the programming. This year featured exceptional keynote speakers, Ingeniux experts, and fun networking opportunities. And as always, the conference gave us the unique chance to have meaningful one-on-one conversations with our customers.

Here’s a look back at the Ingeniux User Conference 2016!

Opening Address and Product Roadmap from Ingeniux CEO and Founder, Jim Edmunds

Ingeniux CEO and Founder, Jim Edmunds, gave his Opening Keynote Address Thursday morning. In his talk, he began by discussing one of his greatest passions: maps and cartography. You might be wondering what maps have in common with web experience management. Well…

Around 1450 AD the Italian cartographer Fra Mauro created the Mappo di Mondo (map of the world), the most detailed and accurate representation of the world at the time. And he created it having never left the tiny island where he lived, just outside of Venice.

How did he do it? In part, by taking advantage of his location. Venice and the surrounding islands were, at that time, the center for world trade. Mauro aggregated knowledge and experience from travelers he met, studied ancient maps and scholarship at the time, and created the masterpiece Mappo di Mondo.

Jim used Mauro as an example for how best to approach web experience management. As Jim put it, a driving passion behind Ingeniux is to “map the world of digital content management.” How do we do this effectively?

First, we learn from the past. As in the maps of the medieval ages, the web experience landscape is “littered with the shipwrecks of companies that got it wrong,” Jim said. But most importantly, we listen. Just as the medieval Venetian map maker expanded his view of the world by talking to people from far off lands, we at Ingeniux shape our view of digital content management by talking to customers and understanding what they need in a website, community, or portal.

The Ingeniux User Conference is the perfect opportunity for us to do just that. 

Jim Edmunds Keynote

From there, Jim went on to discuss key features found in Ingeniux technology that make it a unique and groundbreaking product. For instance, the de-coupled architecture of the CMS, which allows users to build a richer content model through a structured content approach.

Jim also demonstrated the new features and capabilities that will be available in Ingeniux CMS Version 10 in his presentation of the Ingeniux Technology Roadmap. Highlights includ a user interface redesign in Angular 2, a powerful digital asset management system that turns assets into “first-class citizens,” and “Site Studio” template development.

Beta for Ingeniux CMS Version 10 will be available in the fall of 2016. 

The Keynotes: What’s Happening Now in the World of Web Content Management

Scott Hunter: The Latest in ASP.Net Development, Microsoft, and Beyond!

We were thrilled to have Microsoft’s Scott Hunter back to present another keynote session at the conference this year. In his talk, Scott, who is the ASP.Net Principal Program Lead at Microsoft, gave attendees a look at the latest in ASP.Net development. Scott also gave us an insider’s view of where Microsoft is heading and what we can expect from them in the future.

Derek Featherstone: Meaningful Work – Designing and Building for Everyone

Derek Featherstone, Lead Web and Mobile Accessibility Consultant at Simply Accessible, kicked off Friday’s program with his keynote on web accessibility and design. In his talk, Derek demonstrated how when we put our best work into creating web experiences that resonate for all of our users – including those with disabilities – we can create web experiences that exceed even our wildest expectations. Derek also provided the audience with helpful tips and best practices for creating web experiences that are completely inclusive; allowing all users to participate equally and fully.

>> Read Our Keynote Interview with Derek Featherstone

Karen McGrane Keynote

Karen McGrane: Content in a Zombie Apocalypse

Our Closing Keynote, Karen McGrane, has spent the past 20 years creating more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. Karen is a recognized expert in the fields of content strategy and user experience design. She’s worked with nearly every major publishing company in the business, including Hearst, The Atlantic, and Fast Company, along with other well-known organizations like Disney and Celebrity Cruises. In her keynote, Karen discussed the changing landscape of digital content management and how we can defeat the “content zombie apocalypse” by embracing flexible or agile content management tools and structured content publishing (more about that here).   

>> Read Our Keynote Interview with Karen McGrane

Conference Programming: Expertise and Insights on Ingeniux Technologies

Experts from among the Ingeniux staff contributed to the conference in breakout sessions and workshops in the Strategy, Development, and Lab Tracks. They provided valuable insight on how to implement and optimize Ingeniux technology – from Ingeniux InSite Search, to the Ingeniux CMS API, to Single-Sign-On.  

Ingeniux Lab Track

Guest speakers added to the conference by contributing insights on subjects like social media marketing, visual content creation, RESTful web services, and ASP.Net development. Customer speakers rounded out the program with insights and lessons learned from their experience working with Ingeniux technology.

Download conference presentation slides on the User Conference Community Website!

Networking: Building Community and Playing Ball!

We hosted three social networking events for attendees at this year’s conference. The Opening Reception kicked off the conference on Wednesday evening with drinks, hors d’oeurves, and great conversations at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Opening Reception 2016

Immediately following the Opening Reception, we made our way down to the SIFF Film Center for a private screening of American Ultra; complete with complimentary concessions, beer, and wine at the theater!

Thursday Night Party 2016

Our Thursday Night Party this year took place at Safeco Field in a private, deluxe suite, where attendees could watch the ballgame from exclusive bleachers or keep track of the game on monitors inside the suite while they snacked on the game-day buffet of hot dogs, chicken tenders, pizza, salads, and, of course, peanuts. On tap were local Seattle beers and a yummy wine selection.

>> Check Out More Event Photos

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference this year! 

See you next year!

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