February 22, 2017
Effective Web Experiences Pt. 8: Alerts, Chats, and Social Media

No discussion on effective web experience is complete without talking about alerts, chat and the role of social media. Alerts, chats, social media integration and similar capabilities are features you add to your website to drive higher levels of engagement and support with your customers and prospects.

There is a huge drop off the longer you wait to follow up on a lead and how much you support it. Implementing additional engagement capabilities at the point of interaction can improve conversion rights, or simply create more satisfied customers.  

Key Steps, Tips, and Best Practices

Some ways you can leverage alerts, chat, and other functionality:  


  • Hook up your chat to your lead generation forms. When someone completes a form, a chat window can pop up and offer additional information and ask if the support person can be of service.
  • Consider integrating your website chat with your CRM or MA so that information you have available on a visitor is known to support team enabling them to customize chat service better.
  • Make sure the support team behind the chat software is knowledgeable on your products and services. It may sound like an obvious thing to do, but doesn't always happen.


  • Once you have captured a visitor's contact information you can fire off an alert letting them know new content is available that matches the visitor's interest and link back to your website. This capability is great for ecommerce when promoting deals, but you can also use it for informational content that helps drive leads or conversions. 
  • Be careful not to generate too many alerts. Use text-based alerts wisely, providing important information or deals.

Social Media

  • Connecting social media happens in many different ways, but in the case of driving more engagement and conversion, you can leverage social media to alert customers and prospects of new content available on the website that matches the content they have previously viewed. 
  • To help visitor's complete landing page forms quicker, considering implementing social login capability through LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. 

More Information to Move You Forward

Up next we tackle the tricky topic of website performance. Until next time.

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