May 8, 2019
Digital Priorities for 2019: Creating Great Content-Driven Experiences

When we kicked off our second digital priorities survey earlier this year, we wanted to know how organizations are improving their digital experiences and if they are dealing with the same challenges as last year. Here are a few things we found.

In the 2019 Digital Priorities Report, survey respondents said that budgets are increasing allowing them to implement new digital experience initiatives. The most important planned project for this year is implementing a customer portal, followed closely by a new Web CMS.

Both initiatives are critical to delivering great customer experiences, including bringing in new prospects and maintaining a loyal customer base. Two key elements to both these types of projects are delivering a personalized and content-rich experience, and organizations are focusing on technologies that provide these capabilities.

In our survey, almost 42% of respondents said that marketing owns the digital experience strategy, with another 27% indicating that it is a cross-functional team creating and implementing the strategy. It's important to bring in perspectives and requirements from across the organization to create experiences that work for both customers and prospects. Even if marketing has overall responsibility, it's likely they are working with other departments like Sales and Support to ensure they meet all requirements.

Some struggles continue from last year, primarily the need for a web content management system that supports all their needs, as well as the technical resources to support it.

We also wanted to know if organizations have plans for moving their CMS to the Cloud. Almost 17% said they would like to, but their CMS doesn't support it. Another 53% either plan to move or are already in the process of moving.  For those in the process of moving to the Cloud security and compliance considerations top the list of concerns.

We said it last year, and the same is even truer in 2019: customer preferences are changing quickly, and without the right technologies in place, it's hard to adapt strategies to keep pace. Our survey this year demonstrates that there is still much work to do, but organizations are determined to make it happen.

Read more of our survey results by downloading the 2019 Digital Priorities Report.

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