January 30, 2015
CMS Super Bowl Showdown! Seattle's Ingeniux vs. New England's Acquia

Superbowl XLIX is around the corner and the nation is tense with anticipation. A mass of sports fans are flocking to Arizona. People are choosing sides and closing ranks. And conversation seems always to veer toward deflated footballs and Skittles.

Seahawks vs. Patriots

Headquartered in Seattle, most of us at Ingeniux consider ourselves 12th men; we’ll be yelling “BEASTMODE” at our TV sets along with the rest of the city on Sunday. When we heard that our friends at Acquia, a Massachusetts-based software company, would be cheering on the Patriots at the Superbowl, a rivalry was struck.

Ingeniux vs. Acquia. Seahawks vs. Patriots. Two great software companies, from two great tech cities are going head-to-head (vicariously through their football teams). A nail-biting showdown is upon us.  

The stakes are high: We have wagered a whole case of wine, made and bottled by Ingeniux CEO Jim Edmunds, with some help from Ingeniux employees. Acquia has matched us with a case of local Boston wine. You might say it’s a wine-off!

Ingeniux Wine

The showdown takes place on CMS Wire. One player from Ingeniux and one player from Acquia discuss why they think their team will win, who the “quarterback” of their company is, the virtues of their respective cities, and much more.

Playing for Ingeniux: David Hillis, Vice President of Business Development

Playing for Acquia: Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

CMSWire: Why is your respective city better than the other for tech companies?

Hillis: Beyond great coffee, beer and pizza (is there anything else more important for tech?), living in South East Alaska Seattle breeds independent thinking. I am talking about Jimi Hendrix, Microsoft, Boeing pioneering aeronautics, Starbucks exporting Seattle coffee culture, Costco, Amazon and Nordstrom reinventing retail.

Our culture is innovation. Our latest release is the first CMS built with a NoSQL and "Big Content" architecture. Over the last 15 years we have consistently been first to market.

We also have an incredible tech community. Our headquarters are located above the Pike Place Market. Multiple software and gaming companies reside in our building. It's a tech culture.

Wentworth: Boston is surrounded by over 35 universities and colleges, including world-class institutions like Harvard and MIT. Boston offers access to the best talent on the planet, and through the growth of companies like Acquia, HubSpot,Dataxu and Wayfair, all that talent is now staying in Boston, instead of heading to the West Coast.

CMSWire: Who in your organization is your team's quarterback and how is he/she the best in the industry?

Hillis: Our quarterback is unquestionably Sean Riedel, our director of customer engagement,

(Seattle coach) Pete Carroll describes the ideal quarterback as a point guard in basketball who distributes the ball. Sean oversees our support, SaaS, 360 developer program and account management teams. He works with our customers every day and keeps them successful.

Sean first worked with us as a customer. It's not unusual for customers to join our team. I was a customer before I was an employee. What makes Sean special is he understands the customer because he was one. It makes our customer success program collaborative and unique.

Wentworth: This is a no-brainer. Acquia’s Dries Buytaert, the creator and project lead of Drupal. Dries not only quarterbacks Acquia, but is responsible for starting a movement of over 1,000,000 people with Drupal. And like Tom Brady, Dries is quite tall, and has great hair. But Dries doesn’t wear Uggs.

Head to CMS Wire to read this funny, techy, sports interview in full.

Oh, and GO HAWKS!

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